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About Konjac

The konjac is a potato.Do you know it?It is food that grates a konjac potato and boils it and is hardened.Who would produced it first?It has been eaten for a long time in China.I think that the person who produced konjac for the first time is splendid.


The konjac has various types.Plate konjac,Ball konjac,Strings of konjac.The konjac is used for popular oden and sukiyaki with Japanese food.The konjac is famous as jelly.Because many accidents occurred with konjac jelly, we must be careful enough when we eat it.

Diet food

The konjac attracts attention as food of the diet.By diet using the konjac, the example that lost 20 kg by 3 months was introduced on TV.The konjac is most suitable for diet.That elasticity is worth eating very much and makes a full stomach.Please, by all means try that out.




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