Rare sugar

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Fight with the sweetness of sugar

Somebody said that the enemy of the diet was sweetness of the sugar.Chocolate, candy, cake, etc.There is much temptation in their circumference.We cannot escape from temptation even if we overcome this temptation for a while.Oh, the sugar will be what a sinful food.I bear a grudge against sugar.
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Dreamlike sugar

Dreamlike sugar is investigated in Kagawa, Japan.The name is “Rare sugar”.Japanese name is “Kisyotou”.Why is this sugar rare?It is because it is small amount in the natural world.It is a noncaloric.We can buy rare sugar soda if we go to the Japanese supermarket.

Compare by drinking

I compared by drinking rare sugar soda and Pepsi Cola Nex zero.The Pepsi Cola is yummy. But I feel lack some sweetness.On the other hand, the rare sugar soda feels sweetness well and is yummy.I could not necessarily compare it, but I felt that rare sugar soda is the sweet.It is a noncaloric.It is wonderful.
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