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Maki-e is a traditional Japanese technique of decorating lacquerware by sprinkling gold dust particles over wet lacquer designs.Maki-e is the technique of Japanese lacquer art.Makie is to common peple like a flower on lofty heights.I don’t thought about eating Japanese food with a container of Maki-e.Mostly an art museum or the house of the rich people has Maki-e.Maki-e is a symbol of the rich people.
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Superior Japanese water bottle Japanese used a go

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Echizen ware

Echizen ware Rolex is a wonderful

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Large sake cup

Manly symbol I do not like the expression called

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Lemon squeezer

Lemon squeezer made in Japan The

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Taiyaki maker

Japanese cake Taiyaki is a Japane

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Japanese tea caddy

Chazutsu The air tightness of the caddy is import

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Hagi ware

Hagi ware The word "Ibushigin" is

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Rice cooker

Japanese rice cooker robot It is

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Ramen bowl

How to cook yummy ramen Because I

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Beauty box -Jubako-

It's beauty. This is beauty box.The name is Ju-ba

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Crab butter

Love the internal Japanese love t

Ms.Yakumo wants to feed it in him

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Melon bun Ⅱ

Malon bun is Japanese food Japanes

Matcha Ramen

Matcha Matcha The Japanese thinks

Wakame Max Yakisoba

It is Chinese food. Yakisoba is Ch

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