Mongolia Tan-men burger

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killer Khan

In my childhood, a wrestler called killer Khan played an active part.He looked brutal with a shaven head.Because I was a shaven head, I was always a role of killer Khan.His finisher is a Mongolian chop.Thereafter Mongolia is an impression to be terrible for me.
Mongolia Tan-men & burger picture1

Carbohydrate monster

The burger of such Mongolian name is sold in Lotteria.It is Mongolia Tan-men burger.I think this to be a multi-national burger.USA food:buns, Mongolian food:Tan-men, Japanese food:rice.This multinational force is a carbohydrate monster.
mongolian (1)
mongolian (4)
mongolian (7)
mongolian (3)

The total picture of multinational force

Please watch the total picture of multinational force wrapped in a veil.




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