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Convenience stores lady

2017/07/15 | Comic ,

Convenience Stores in Japan There are lots of convenience stores near my house.7 eleven, Lawson,Fam

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Ms.Yakumo wants to feed it in him

2017/04/06 | Comic ,

The cooking is a weapon. My face is ugly, My lower stomach sticks out, My feet smell like natto.Sti

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2016/10/22 | Comic ,

Bar, Pub, Club Would you like to drink tonight?Where do you drink?Bar? Pub,?Club?I'm not a strong d

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Hokusai to Meshi sae areba(If there are Hokusai and meal, it is all right.)

2016/10/03 | Comic ,

Outdoor type or Indoor type In Japan, a person liking playing outside is classified as "Outdoor typ

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Yama to Shokuyoku to Watashi(Mountain and appetite and me)

2016/09/05 | Comic ,

mountain climbing Japan is a mountain climbing boom.Mount Fuji, Yarigatake, Tateyama, Mount Kirishi

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Gohoubi gohan(treat myself meal)

2016/08/14 | Comic ,

go to city Where were you born?I was born in Osaka.Osaka is the second largest city of Japan.Osaka

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Jittan no recipes(time shortening recipes)

2016/06/22 | Comic ,

Are you busy? I like a moderate busyness.But I always have free time.Modern people are too busy.Hav

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Bokyaku no Sachiko(Sachiko sinking into self-oblivion.)

2016/05/24 | Comic ,

Eat, eat, eat I cannot drink very much alcohol.I do not smoke.Eating is a stress reliever to me.Eat

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Sachi no Otera Gohan(Sachi’s Temple meal)

2016/05/09 | Comic ,

Shojin ryori Shojin ryori were indispensible food for monks, and taking meals was emphasized as par

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Donburi Iincho(Japanese bowl chairman)

2016/04/19 | Comic ,

Popular Japanese food This Japanese food has been loved for many years by the common people.It is D

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2016/03/30 | Comic ,

Dagashi Dagashi is confectionery aimed at children that can be bought for a small amount of money,

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When do you smash the yolk of the fried egg?

2016/02/04 | Comic ,

Manners We are free.However, it is superficial.We are restricted by various manners."You must not b

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Miraculous kitchen

2015/10/26 | Comic ,

Common language Japanese is unique words.Japanese is not understood in the world.I

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Yumeiro Cooking

2015/10/19 | Comic ,

Girl's comic I have an older sister.There were a lot of comics in the room of the o

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BQ cooking!

2015/09/29 | Comic ,

B class food There is not A class food, is not C class food, too.There is only B cl

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Retort pouches revolution

2015/09/16 | Comic ,

Retort pouches Asian likes retort pouches.In Japan, retort pouches are one of the i

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Genius cooking boy Ajinosuke

2015/08/17 | Comic ,

Genius and insanity Genius is but one remove from insanity.We venerate genius.But i

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Flypan of the angel

2015/08/05 | Comic ,

Food and nutrition education We cannot usually live if we do not eat food.It is important that we l

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Totsugeki Ramen

2015/07/22 | Comic ,

Origin of gourmet comics This comic is the origin of gourmet comics in Japan.Various gourmet comic

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Lost love chocolatier

2015/07/13 | Comic ,

Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is a Christian festival day, but is commercialized too much in Japa

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Kitchen Princess

2015/06/29 | Comic ,

The room of the older sister I have an older sister.The room of the older sister wa

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Gokudo no Shokutaku -Yakuza’s meal-

2015/06/22 | Comic ,

The yakuza Yakuza is scary.I lived in old days near the office of the greatest yaku

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Touhan -Fight meal-

2015/06/15 | Comic ,

Rakugo Rakugo can be best described as Japanese sit-down comedy of comic story tell

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Mayonaka gohan -Midnight meal-

2015/06/01 | Comic ,

Drawing ability Are comics drawing ability?I read various comics.I think the comics

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Gohan no otomo -Rice’s friends-

2015/05/25 | Comic ,

I love rice. I love rice.So, t is a lump of carbohydrates, tasteless.I do not unde

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Convenience stores lady

Convenience Stores in Japan There

Crab butter

Love the internal Japanese love t

Ms.Yakumo wants to feed it in him

The cooking is a weapon. My face i

Melon bun Ⅱ

Malon bun is Japanese food Japanes

Matcha Ramen

Matcha Matcha The Japanese thinks

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