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Gokudo meshi(Meal of gangster)

2014/06/09 | Comic

The gangster food The gangster is a gourmet.Because executives of the gangland always eat delicious

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Kodoku no Gourmet

2014/06/02 | Comic

Plebeian Michelin Guide 'Kodoku no Gourmet' is a meaning called 'Lone gourmet'.This

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That is superb

2014/05/26 | Comic ,

Tea ceremony 'Kekko na Otemae Desu'is a meaning called 'That is superb'.It is words

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Glutton !

2014/05/19 | Comic

Competitive eater It was prevalent to compete for gluttony in Japan since 2001.As for it, a TV prog

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Sota’s kitchen knife -Study cooking diary in Tokyo/Ginza-

2014/05/12 | Comic ,

This is manga !!! Cooking has the power to change our lives.The words are manga to match."Sota's ki

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Bento of the Takasugis

2014/05/05 | Comic ,

High cost performance Japan has a long history of bento, and its development has been unparalleled

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Mrs. Chin’s Cook

2014/04/28 | Comic ,

Favorite China Conflicts are often caused by a lack of understanding of each other's position.The s

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Cook for Marie Antoinette

2014/04/22 | Comic ,

Sweet devil The woman that I ever have dated with has a common point.It is that they are selfish.I

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Food stories policeman Mr.Tachibana

2014/04/14 | Comic

Class B,Class C In Japan, junk food is reviewed.They are called Class B gourmet, Class C gourmet.It

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Gu・Ra・Me-Cook of the great prime minister

2014/04/09 | Comic ,

Prime Minister I think that everybody likes politics.Lack of a disgraceful affair and the trust of

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Bitter and sweet

2014/03/31 | Comic ,

A vegetarian is unmissable This story is love and gourmets.It is a dish for vegetarians to come up

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Cook of the ambassador’s residence

2014/03/24 | Comic ,

The embassy is mysterious. I do not know what ambassadors are always doing.However, a crime sometim

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I can be eating without love.

2014/03/17 | Comic

Restaurants guidebook "I can be eating without love." is the name of this manga.This is a restauran

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Narrow road to Japanese sake

2014/03/10 | Comic

Japanese food comics Not Narrow road to the interior Narrow road to the interior is an account of

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Sometime Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2014/03/03 | Comic ,

Longing I knew Tiffany when I was a university student.My girl friend at that time required a ring

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The chef

2014/02/24 | Comic ,

Serially for a long time It is manga published serially for a long time.There are both arguments fo

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Freshly-baked bread -yakitate Ja-bun-

2014/02/17 | Comic ,

Japanese bread The main diet in Japan is rice.After World War II, bread was offered in a school mea

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Happy mealtime -Ouchi de gohan-

2014/02/10 | Comic

Japanese home cooked dish I recommend this manga if you want to know the Japanese home-cooked meal.

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Antique Bakery-manga-

2014/01/27 | Comic ,

Homosexuality is called "Boys Love" in Japan. Antique bakery is manga popular with women.It is the

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2014 Manga Award in Japan

2014/01/20 | Comic ,

This article has nothing to do with the Japanese food, but post it about manga event in Japan.The no

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Tsukiji fish market storekeeperⅢ

2014/01/13 | Comic ,

You understand Tsukiji in this manga. That place is the most popular famous tourist place.That is T

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Bandit diary-Manga Hunter struggle-

2014/01/07 | Comic ,

Japanese Hunter story I did not know Gibier dish.I knew it only after I read this manga.Gibier is F

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Chabashira club

2013/12/30 | Comic ,

If you want to know the Japanese green tea ! If you read this manga, you will get to know more abou

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Strange foods Hunter

2013/12/23 | Comic ,

Japanese strange food There is much strange food in the world.There is much strange food in Japan,t

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Nature Dimon

2013/12/16 | Comic ,

Do you know ostrich club ? It is the manga which the man who loved meat and an insect drew.The man

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