Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Ann doughnuts

2013/12/09   -Comic

The next is WAGASHI. If you want to know the Japanese patissier,this manga are the best.You can know …


2013/12/02   -Comic

In Japan,Italian restaurant This manga is drawn on the stage of an Italian restaurant.The growth of …

Manga Ajiichimonme

2013/11/25   -Comic

Japanese gourmet manga I think the origin of this title to be Hana Ichi Monme.Hana Ichi Monme is a t …

Ramen Saiyuki

2013/11/18   -Comic
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Viva! Ramen. Saiyuki is a newly coined word.I guess that Saiyuki is a meaning to be the trip that it …

That man,having a sweet tooth

2013/11/12   -Comic

The Cool man This manga is that a keen lawyer liking chocolate is a chief character.Lawyer Jean Loui …

Shinya Shokudo

2013/11/04   -Comic

Dining room of certain Tokyo A small restaurant called Shinya Shokudo lies in a corner of Tokyo and …

Taberu-dake -only eat-

2013/10/28   -Comic

She only eats. This manga describe only the act that a chief character eats.A chief character is a w …

Hell’s Kitchen

2013/10/22   -Comic

Please don’t be wrong. It is not New York.It is Japanese manga.The name is Hell’s Kitche …

Last restaurant

2013/10/14   -Comic

It is philosophy ! What do you want to eat in the last of the life?It is manga to think about such a …

Natsuko no sake

2013/10/07   -Comic
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Beautiful Natsuko This is the manga that dealt with the social problem that did on the stage of liqu …

Kuitan-gluttonous detective –

2013/09/30   -Comic

Is he a private detective ? Kuitan is Japanese manga and a slightly strange story.It is a story that …


2013/09/24   -Comic

Cool lady It is this manga that are good to know the Japanese tradition.A long established inn is th …

Home cooking of poor people

2013/09/17   -Comic

The heart is rich. A family spending it happily freely is drawn on this manga even if poor.Main char …

Mr.Taste Boy(Mr.Ajiko)

2013/09/10   -Comic

Legendary manga in Japan This manga is the masterpiece in Japan.Under the influence of these comics, …

Nobunaga’s Chef

2013/09/02   -Comic

Japanese Hero This is Japanese manga.Chef Ken of the main character step back to the 1500’s.It …

The drops of god

2013/08/28   -Comic

Wine master It is Japanese manga series about wine.The drops of god is gourmet manga of an orthodox …

Magic cooking Chaos kitchen

2013/08/20   -Comic

It is Unique ! This is unique gourmet comics in Japan.It is the story of two girls confronting evil. …

Cooking papa(dad)

2013/08/12   -Comic

Ideal father in Japan This manga is a longevity comic released to 123 volumes.The name is Cooking pa …

Ramen Hakkenden

2013/08/05   -Comic

The Ramen bible This is not simple Japanese manga.It is a management book beyond the limit of manga. …

Hana no Zubora-meshi

2013/07/29   -Comic

What is “Zubbora” ? It was difficult to convey this by English translation.Therefore I t …

Shota no sushi

2013/07/22   -Comic

Sushi boy “Shota no sushi” is one of famous Japanese comics and serialized for the magaz …


2013/07/15   -Comic

Shonen Jump Torico is Japanese comics created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro serialize in Weekly Shonen J …

Magical chef’s girl Shizuru

2013/07/08   -Comic

Bento comics Hello, everybody.How are you?I’m fine.Do you know Bento, everybody?Bento is lunch …

Trattoria after school

2013/07/01   -Comic

Nostalgic “Trattoria after school (Houkago no Trattoria) is the Japanese comics that fantasy a …

What did you eat yesterday?

2013/06/13   -Comic

That’s a detail. What did you eat yesterday?I do not ask you a question.”What did you ea …