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2015/06/19 | Diet ,

Tenacious Japanese Japanese is tenacious.We are destined that we become tenacious.H

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Japanese shallot

2015/06/12 | Diet ,

Japanese food curry restaurant Have you been to the curry restaurant in Japan?So, i

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2015/06/05 | Diet ,

The bad-smelling food is delicious. Japan has many immortal saying about the food."

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Funa sushi

2015/05/29 | Diet ,

Crucian carp Funa is crucian carp.I can play fishing it frequently in a neighboring

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2015/05/21 | Diet ,

Power rotation drink Summer in Japan is very humid.When it is hot, I like cold drin

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2015/05/15 | Diet ,

Good memory Have you play in the mud?I play in the mud at the age of a child.A mud

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2015/05/06 | Diet ,

Iron content-rich food I have a slight anemia since I was young.When a seat rises a

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Shochu diet

2015/04/02 | Diet ,

Cool Shochu Japanese white distilled liquor called 'Shochu'.Shochu is a Japanese di

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Onsen tofu

2015/03/27 | Diet ,

On a diet Are you on a diet?If you are on a diet by tofu, I recommend this tofu rec

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Onigiri diet

2015/03/19 | Diet ,

What is Onigiri? Onigiri (rice ball) is a food, which flavored cooked rice, put fil

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Tanita product 2

2015/03/12 | Diet ,

Tanita food Nobody Can Stop Tanita.Speaking of a hamburger, it is McDonald's.Speaki

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2015/03/05 | Diet ,

Somen is cool lunch. Speaking of summer lunch, it is somen.I boil it and eat with

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2015/02/05 | Diet ,

About Chazuke Do you know Chazuke.Chazuke is a food dish comprised of boiled rice a

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2015/01/29 | Diet ,

Necessary ingredients for Japanese food Yaki-fu is Japanese dry baked wheat gluten.

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2015/01/23 | Diet ,

About zousui Zosui is made by simmering cooked rice again with meat, fish and shell

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2015/01/08 | Diet ,

Very very yummy Amasake is like Red bull.It is the energy drink of the Japanese foo

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2015/01/01 | Diet ,

Japanese soul drink Calpis is not cow piss.Calpis may be called "Calpico" in your country.Calpis is

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Grated Japanese radish

2014/12/26 | Diet ,

Diet food Japanese radish contains large amount of digestive enzymes such as amylas

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Japanese sake

2014/12/18 | Diet

Japanese food and Japanese sake in winter It's winter in Japan right now.It is very

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Soft roe

2014/12/05 | Diet

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom I'm a movie fan.One of the favorite movies is

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Tofu skin

2014/11/27 | Diet ,

Tofu skin recipe I did not know this food until I became an adult.It is Tofu skin.T

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Yaki-imo -baked sweet potatoes-

2014/11/21 | Diet ,

Japanese seoul food It is very popular sweets in Japan.It is Yaki-imo.Yaki-imo is b

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2014/11/13 | Diet ,

Shojin ryori Tempura, sushi, sukiyaki are Japanese food.Shojin ryori is King of the

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2014/10/30 | Diet ,

Yuzu is round. As for Yuzu, winter is in season.Yuzu is the seasoning which is indi

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Myoga -Japanese ginger-

2014/10/23 | Diet ,

Foolish legend "We become foolish if we eat Myoga(Japanese ginger)."It is a legend

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Crab butter

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Melon bun Ⅱ

Malon bun is Japanese food Japanes

Matcha Ramen

Matcha Matcha The Japanese thinks

Wakame Max Yakisoba

It is Chinese food. Yakisoba is Ch

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