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Setsubun (February 3)

2015/02/03 | Food

About Setsubun The setsubun means the division of seasons.Famous for Setsubun, Febr

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Matcha beer

2015/01/27 | Food ,

About Matcha Matcha is a kind of green tea.It is is made by grinding this tencha in

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Turkish ice cream

2015/01/22 | Food ,

Turkey I have never been to Turkey so I want to try to go once.Hagia Sophia Museum,

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Wasabi toothpaste

2015/01/16 | Food

Wasabi Wasabi is a seasonings.It is very hard.Not "hot", it is "hard" daringly.Wasa

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U.F.O Cup Yakisoba

2015/01/06 | Food

The Cup Yakisoba is Japanese food. Cup Yakisoba is a topic now in Japan.It is bad t

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Rice with raw egg

2014/12/31 | Food ,

The greatest feast Rice with raw egg is a rice food prepared by mixing a raw hen's

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Roast chicken bun for Christmas in Japan

2014/12/24 | Food ,

Lazy Japanese I think that a Japanese is lazy.In particular, they are lazy about ea

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Oraf bun

2014/12/16 | Food

Do you want to build a snowman? Be very sorrowful.Do you want to build a snowman?Th

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Melon bun

2014/12/09 | Food ,

Melon, melon, melon When Japanese apologize, they presents a melon.When Japanese vi

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Nissin Massaman curry noodle

2014/12/02 | Food ,

Love curry Japanese loves curry.I eat curry once a week."Curry is a drink.".It is a

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Yakult to eat

2014/11/25 | Food ,

Yakult kid When I was young, my tension went up whenever I drink Calpco and Yakult.

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Green sweets -Yukimi Daifuku Matcha-

2014/11/18 | Food ,

green, green, green I thought that the Japanese color theme was red.Probably I watc

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Canned Pudding shake

2014/11/12 | Food ,

Japanese loves puddings Japanese loves puddings very much.If you go to the Japanese

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Carbonara with Pucchin Purin

2014/11/07 | Food ,

Pucchin Purin Pucchin Purin is a pudding selling most in the world.The total sale n

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Japanese sandwiches ranking

2014/10/28 | Food ,

3rd Cutlet sandwich Cutlet sandwich is a cutlet (usually a pork or beef cutlet) san

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Rice’s friend “Gohandesuyo”

2014/10/21 | Food ,

Seaweed culture Japan is seaweed culture.There is a company of seaweed founded in 1

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Slime curry

2014/10/16 | Food ,

Japanese food? Indian food? Is the curry Japanese food?No. Curry is an Indian food.

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Happy Turn ice cream

2014/10/08 | Food ,

Okashi I love Japanese sweets. More attractive sweets than those of other countries

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The Black Hamburger from Japan’s Burger King

2014/09/30 | Food ,

COMME des GARÇONS I grew up in a fashion boom of the 80s.Various apparel brands gai

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Not Chocolate, Yes Yokan

2014/09/24 | Food ,

Wagashi I thought that Yokan is food for grandma and grandpa when I am young.Howeve

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Ramen doughnut

2014/09/17 | Food ,

Ramen evolution The ramen evolves every day.As for the old ramen, it was basic in n

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Neapolitan burger

2014/09/13 | Food ,

Neapolitan Italian food culture fused with Japan food culture to establish a unique

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Yaki imo ice cream

2014/09/03 | Food ,

Yaki imo Yaki imo is a food called baked sweet potato.When it is winter in Japan, t

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Cold Oden

2014/08/26 | Food ,

Mr. Japanese food Oden is one of the representative Japanese food.Beer and nuts, Ir

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Doraemo bun

2014/08/20 | Food ,

Doraemon I was jealous to Doraemon.Exactly, I was jealous to Nobita.Everything come

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Melon bun Ⅱ

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Matcha Ramen

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