Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Doraemo bun

2014/08/20   -Food

Doraemon I was jealous to Doraemon.Exactly, I was jealous to Nobita.Everything comes true for Doraem …

Coffee jelly

2014/08/12   -Food

Coffee junkie The Japanese consume 4000 tons a year of coffee.It is the fourth largest consumption c …

Fruits Daifuku

2014/08/06   -Food

Multilamina of taste I think that the taste of the dish is decided in multilamina.’multilamina …

Edamame Natto

2014/07/30   -Food

Marks & Spencer The British department store chain Marks & Spencer started selling edamame …

Puca Pon Japanese magic juice

2014/07/17   -Food

Colorful juice When I was a child, a coloring agent was used for a part of the candy.It was colorful …

Nissin Iced Cup Noodle

2014/07/09   -Food

Vichyssoise Japan is summer now.It is hot.Speaking of summer, it is cold soup.Speaking of cold soup, …

Kitsune Udon Bread

2014/07/01   -Food

Carbohydrates Japanese likes carbohydrates.Rice is the staple food of the Japanese.Besides, they eat …

Extra Hot Cup chow mein ‘NISSIN Jack’

2014/06/24   -Food

Hot food, hot coutry Bhutan, India, Mexico, Korea, South Africa, Ethiopia, etc.There is very hot foo …

Kit Kat Pizza

2014/06/17   -Food

World cup The 2014 FIFA World Cup finally opened on June 12 in Brazil.FIFA World Cup is a festival o …

Japanese beer 『和膳』 -The beer go with Japanese food-

2014/06/10   -Food

Intangible Cultural Heritage Japanese food is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritag …

Taiyaki in croissant doughnut

2014/06/03   -Food

Origin of Taiyaki Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. The origin of the taiyaki is mysterious.Th …

French cruller at Mos Burger

2014/05/28   -Food

French cruller has become crazy. They was born in the U,S and grow up in Japan.They are Mister Donut …

Ramen burger 2

2014/05/20   -Food

Legendary ramen restaurant In Japan, there are a lot of Ramen restaurant that crowded with fans.Ther …

Haagen Dazs Spoon Vege

2014/05/13   -Food

Vegetable Ice cream It is important to take in vegetables.The child does not readily eat vegetables …

Cup noodles European Cheese Curry

2014/05/07   -Food

Curry is Japanese food. The Japanese eats curry, 78 times a year.Even if the curry is called Japanes …

Kit Kat roasted green tea flavor

2014/04/29   -Food

Roasted green tea Hojicha (Roasted green tea) is a type of Japanese green tea, generally referring t …

Mountain Dew Snack

2014/04/23   -Food

Rare drink Diversified vending machines are installed everywhere in cities of Japan.We can buy most …

Hideki Matsui’s secret curry

2014/04/16   -Food

Godzilla Hideki Matsui’s nickname is “Godzilla.”.He is great.I have watched the ga …

Japanese energy drink SAMURIDE

2014/04/07   -Food

Sushi Tempra Samurai Japan is a country of the samurais.Sushi and the tempura of the Japanese food a …

Green Oreo

2014/04/01   -Food

Turtle Ninja cookie??? Oreo is yummy.I eat it frequently.I soak it into milk and I divide it into 2 …

Japanese Popsicle Mr.Gari gali tomato sauce taste

2014/03/28   -Food

Japanese Popsicle There is a strange dish in Japan.Though it is unrelated to Naples, Italy, it is a …

Omelette by microwave

2014/03/19   -Food

Fluffy I’ve never been abroad.Therefore I do not understand the world omelette circumstances.A …

Mock broiled eel recipe

2014/03/12   -Food

Japanese food Fake broiled eel recipe This is one of a vegetarian dish.A vegetarian dish is called & …

Cola flavored soy milk

2014/03/11   -Food

Diet cola ??? Diet Coke,Diet PEPSI.Diet cola is put on sale one after another.It is very good for th …

Kellogg’s brown rice cereal matcha taste

2014/03/05   -Food

Love matcha It is a matcha boom recently in Japan.Matcha taste of candy and chocolate and the potato …