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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Miku Hatsune bun

2014/02/25   -Food

Great Lord of mercy ! A Japanese top idol became the steamed bun and appeared.The name is Miku Hatsu …

Curry buns

2014/02/18   -Food
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The bread situation in Japan Japanese likes bread.The main diet in Japan is rice, but Japanese eats …

Dried precut wakame seaweed

2014/02/12   -Food

Invasive foreign species Seaweed is one of the selected species of the 100 worst invasive foreign sp …

Haagen-Dazs Japonais

2014/01/23   -Food

Haagen Dazs is refined. Haagen Dazs is a high quality ice cream brand sold in the world.In Japan too …

Devil mayonnaise yakisoba

2014/01/14   -Food

Yakisoba is devil ??? Japanese likes yakisoba very much and likes mayonnaise, too.The Japanese mayon …

KFC menu? KFC potatochips

2014/01/09   -Food

Is it KFC menu ? KFC runs 18000 shops in 120 countries in the world.It runs 1180 shops in Japan.Chri …

Cup Yakisoba

2013/12/31   -Food

If the Japanese do not eat yakisoba,they dies !? The Japanese likes noodles.Ramen,Yakisoba,Udon,Soba …

Cup noodles rice

2013/12/24   -Food

Viva !!! Cup noodle. Nissin Cup noodles which was released approximately 40 years ago.It is sold in …

Snack of Attack on Titan

2013/12/17   -Food

That gained tremendous popularity. Nobody Can Stop Vigor of “Attack on Titan”.That was a …

Soy milk in Japan

2013/12/11   -Food

Delicious soy milk! The old days, the soy milk were bad.It become easy to swallow it up very delicio …

Best juicer

2013/12/03   -Food

Is it a toy or cooking tool ? I found such a toy in Japan.I can drink fresh grapefruit juice with th …

Hot ginger ale

2013/11/19   -Food

Hot ginger ale ??? It is sudden, what do you do when you caught cold?Do you drink Chamomile tea?Do y …

Soy sauce on ice cream

2013/11/14   -Food

Oh,soy sauce on ice cream Do you know soy sauce.Japanese soy-sauce has a long history.Soy-sauce is e …

Nestle crunch matcha taste

2013/11/11   -Food

Sweet Matcha Matcha is Japanese traditional green tea.This is tea of steamed buds of tea trees. It’s …

Stew flavored ice-cream

2013/10/30   -Food

Stew = Ice cream I introduced Corn potage-flavored ice-cream in May. The second was released.It is t …

Cookie in sweet adzuki beans soup

2013/10/23   -Food

A compromise between Japanese and foreign Once you pop, you can’t stop.It is Cookie in sweet a …

KISS steamed bun

2013/10/15   -Food

I love “KISS”. Circle K Thanks of the Japanese convenience store chain sells the steamed …

Sparkling sake

2013/10/09   -Food

This is campagne ??? Do you like champagne?I like champagne.Champagne to drink at the time of celebr …

Tower burger

2013/10/01   -Food

Super Cheese day Super Tuesday is Super Cheese day in Japan.It is the campaign that a Japanese burge …

Kit Kat -wasabi-

2013/09/29   -Food

Kit Kat is “Surely I win”. There are many kinds of Kit Kat in Japan and be strange taste …

Fruiche-Healthy dessert recipes-

2013/09/13   -Food

White slime Do you know fruiche ? The etymology of Fruiche is a creation word of “fruity and & …

Soy sauce soda

2013/09/05   -Food

About soy sauce The root of soy-sauce is regarded as Hishio (salted food).From the 1600’s, lot …

Pepsi products-cola taste corn snack-

2013/08/23   -Food

Pepsi cola ??? This is a snack of the new sense and be a snack of the cola taste how.This is the pep …

Japanese candy-Enjoy sushi shop-

2013/08/14   -Food

Sushi = Candy A candy to cook is sold in Japan.It is “enjoy sushi shop”.This is candy in …

Small flan

2013/08/10   -Food

Small is beauty. The Japanese feels the beauty to a small thing.The representative is a bonsai.Bonsa …