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Tsuiki Copperware

2015/06/25 | Goods ,

Tsuiki Copperware I am a Japanese.I live in Japan ever since I was born.I thought t

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Lemon squeezer

2015/06/18 | Goods ,

Lemon squeezer made in Japan The annual consumption of lemons world people is about

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Kyotetsubin(Kyoto ironware)

2015/06/04 | Goods

Kyotetsubin Tetsubin is An iron kettle.They boil hot water with an iron kettle when

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2015/05/28 | Goods ,

Masu Masu is a measured quantity.Masu arrived in Japan via China.Sake and the rice

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Echizen ware

2015/05/22 | Goods ,

Echizen ware Rolex is a wonderful watch.I like the simple designs without waste.I r

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Tsugaru vidro

2015/05/14 | Goods ,

Tsugaru vidro I like Tsugaru Region in winter.Snow is driven by the wind, and I fee

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Ryukyu glass

2015/04/30 | Goods ,

Ryukyu glass Okinawa attracts attention politically now in Japan.It is a problem tr

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2015/04/15 | Goods ,

Maki-e Maki-e is a traditional Japanese technique of decorating lacquerware by spri

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Karatsu ware

2015/04/10 | Goods

Karatsu ware Do you know Karatsu.Karastu is a city in the Japanese west.It is a ver

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Sushi delivery box

2015/03/20 | Goods ,

Hangiri for delivery When I was young, the sushi was a meal of the celebration.Ther

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Hagi ware

2015/03/13 | Goods

Hagi ware The word "Ibushigin" is used in Japan."Ibushigin" is a meaning called "so

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Katsuobushi Kezuriki

2015/03/06 | Goods

katsuobushi kezuriki katsuobushi kezuriki is a cutter box for katsuobushi(dried bon

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Portable chopsticks

2015/02/27 | Goods ,

portable chopsticks In Japan, it is populär recently to put a stupid act photo usin

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2015/02/26 | Goods

Yakult and me When my daughter catches cold, I give her Yakult.Why?It is because th

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Binchotan charcoal

2015/02/20 | Goods

Binchotan charcoal I am thickheaded to difference in taste.I feel that it is delici

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Hasami ware

2015/02/13 | Goods ,

Hasami ware Hasami ware's characteristic is white and dark-blue.In Japan, it was us

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Banco ware

2015/01/30 | Goods ,

Banco ware What color do you like?I like chic colors such as black and the brown.Ba

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Osaka Tin device

2015/01/15 | Goods ,

Osaka Tin device I was brought up in Osaka.However, I did not know that such a sple

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Satsuma ware

2015/01/09 | Goods ,

Satsuma ware Satsuma province was Taikoku (major province) located in the area corr

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Koishiware ware

2014/12/19 | Goods

Koishiware ware It is the perfection of use beauty.Koishiwara ware is very practica

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Bizen ware

2014/12/12 | Goods

Bizen ware Is brown tacky?I didn't like brown.I were not able to like that dark col

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Kutani ware

2014/11/05 | Goods ,

Kutani ware I have a quiet impression to Japan.It is a quiet color if I compare it

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Kiyomizu ware

2014/10/24 | Goods ,

Kiyomizu ware The Kiyomizu ware is ceramic ware produced in Kyoto.The definition of

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Arita ware

2014/10/10 | Goods

Arita ware Arita ware was made around Arita-cho, in Saga Prefecture.The Arita ware

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Shigaraki ware

2014/10/03 | Goods

Shigaraki ware It is chinaware made around Koka-shi, Shiga.The Shigaraki ware is fa

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