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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Tako sausage -Decorative cutting sausage- recipe

2014/07/22   -Recipes

Tako sausage -Decorative cutting sausage- recipe When you opened the bento box you will grow happy.I …

Dago-jiru recipe -Kumamoto soul food-

2014/07/16   -Recipes

Dago-jiru recipe -Kumamoto soul food- I lived in Japan’s Kumamoto prefecture.Kumamoto is locat …

Thunder tofu recipe

2014/07/02   -Recipes

Thunder tofu recipe It is one of Japanese food in the Edo period.The Edo period is the 260-year span …

Avocado and Natto spaghetti recipe

2014/06/25   -Recipes

Avocado and the natto spaghetti recipe It is one of the noodle recipes using avocado and natto.Avoca …

Squid Rice recipe

2014/06/18   -Recipes

Squid Rice recipe Squid Rice recipe is a dish made by boiling squid stuffed with rice. It is called …

Yakitori recipe(chicken skewer)

2014/06/11   -Recipes

Yakitori recipe(chicken skewer) The Yakitori has been eaten for a long time in Japan.The recipes is …

Miso Bitter melon stir-fry recipe

2014/06/04   -Recipes

Miso Bitter melon stir-fry recipe Bitter melon is called ‘GOYA’ in Japanese.Goya, or bit …

Oyako don(chicken and egg on rice) recipe

2014/05/29   -Recipes

Oyako don(chicken and egg on rice) recipe Chicken is egg on rice is called Oyako don in Japan.The na …

Nemacystus decipiens soup recipe

2014/05/21   -Recipes

Nemacystus decipiens soup recipe Nemacystus decipiens is called “Mozuku” and is written …

Tofu dumplings recipe

2014/05/14   -Recipes

Japanese food Tofu dumplings recipe A restaurant specializing in tofu called Ume no hana is in Japan …

Miso ramen recipe

2014/05/06   -Recipes

Japanese food Miso ramen There is taste of ramen peculiar to each area in Japan.In Kyushu, pork bone …

Chicken soup recipe

2014/05/06   -Recipes

Japanese food Chicken soup recipe It is a chicken soup recipe to be able to easily make.I cook vario …

Ginger pork recipe

2014/04/30   -Recipes

Japanese food Lightly roasted bonito recipe Ginger promotes an appetite.When you have a poor appetit …

Lightly roasted bonito recipe

2014/04/24   -Recipes

Japanese food Lightly roasted bonito recipe The first bonito of the season are now coming to market …

Simmered Bamboo shoots recipe

2014/04/15   -Recipes

Japanese food Simmered Bamboo shoots recipe Bamboo shoots are in season in early spring.The bamboo s …

Bamboo shoots boiled in water recipe

2014/04/10   -Recipes

Japanese food Bamboo shoots boiled in water recipe The cooking of the bamboo shoots is trouble.But w …

Sushi cake recipe

2014/04/03   -Recipes

Japanese food Sushi cake recipe Sushi cake is a kind of sushi.Japanese name is Chirashizushi.It is o …

Japanese clam soup recipe

2014/03/26   -Recipes

Japanese food Japanese clam soup recipe The clam is in season between February and April.When the cl …

Japanese style spaghetti recipe

2014/03/06   -Recipes

Japanese food Japanese style spaghetti recipe It is an addictive taste.It is Japanese style spaghett …

Simmered squid recipe

2014/02/27   -Recipes

Japanese food Simmered squid recipe I like resistance to the teeth of squid.Simmered squid is very d …

Braised pork belly recipe

2014/02/19   -Recipes

Japanese food Braised pork belly recipe I cooked Braised pork belly.It takes time, but I can unexpec …

Tofu dengaku recipe

2014/02/11   -Recipes

Japanese food Tofu dengaku recipe I cooked tofu dengaku.The tofu dengaku is one of the traditional J …

Sake lees soup recipe

2014/01/22   -Recipes

Japanese food Soup recipes This is recipes of sake lees soup.Sakekasu (sake lees) is the solid white …

Beef boiled in sweetened soy sauce recipe

2014/01/15   -Recipes

Meat recipes Speaking of beef, it is slice meat in Japan.Slice meat are sold at the supermarket.The …

Potato salad recipe

2014/01/08   -Recipes

Japanese food Vegetable recipes It is a Japanese potato salad recipe.There is a potato salad in the …