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BQ cooking!

2015/09/29 | Comic ,

B class food There is not A class food, is not C class food, too.There is only B cl

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Genius cooking boy Ajinosuke

2015/08/17 | Comic ,

Genius and insanity Genius is but one remove from insanity.We venerate genius.But i

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Kuitan-gluttonous detective –

2013/09/30 | Comic ,

Is he a private detective ? Kuitan is Japanese manga and a slightly strange story.It is a story tha

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Mr.Taste Boy(Mr.Ajiko)

2013/09/10 | Comic ,

Legendary manga in Japan This manga is the masterpiece in Japan.Under the influence of these comics

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Shota no sushi

2013/07/22 | Comic ,

Sushi boy "Shota no sushi" is one of famous Japanese comics and serialized for the magazine about 2

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2013/07/15 | Comic ,

Shonen Jump Torico is Japanese comics created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro serialize in Weekly Shonen

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Crab butter

Love the internal Japanese love t

Ms.Yakumo wants to feed it in him

The cooking is a weapon. My face i

Melon bun Ⅱ

Malon bun is Japanese food Japanes

Matcha Ramen

Matcha Matcha The Japanese thinks

Wakame Max Yakisoba

It is Chinese food. Yakisoba is Ch

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