Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Ms.Yakumo wants to feed it in him

2017/04/06   -Comic

The cooking is a weapon. My face is ugly, My lower stomach sticks out, My feet smell like natto.Stil …

Mayonaka gohan -Midnight meal-

2015/06/01   -Comic

Drawing ability Are comics drawing ability?I read various comics.I think the comics not to be drawin …

Ama-Ama to Inaduma

2014/12/08   -Comic

Cooking communication I am poor at communication.I can’t relate what I want to say.I get frust …

Let’s go to eat yummy food to Nagoya.

2014/11/03   -Comic

Heaven of yummy food It is about 10 years ago that I went to Nagoya for the first time.I was shocked …

Silver spoon

2014/10/27   -Comic

Family ties Our child was born several years ago.I think that want to live long whenever I watch the …

Shoku no Gunshi -Meal’s strategist-

2014/10/13   -Comic

what you eat. Meal is important.When our life assumes it 70 years old, we will have a meal of approx …

The girl’s meal

2014/10/06   -Comic

Incomprehensible The feeling of the woman cannot understand it.I will probably not be able to unders …

Soboro don recipe

2014/07/29   -Recipes

Soboro don recipe When I opened a bento, it was Soboro don.When I looked at it, I became more energe …

Japanese food weekly vol16

2014/07/26   -News

Insect eating According to the headquarters of the World Food Programme (WFP), many people were affe …

Side dish case on bento

2014/07/25   -Goods

Independent side dish When I serve a lunch, it is hard to serve a juicy side dish.They(side dish) co …

Tokkuri Japanese sake

2014/01/17   -Goods

A taste doubles if you drink liquor with Tokkuri Tokkuri is a Japanese decanter.When I pour it, Tokk …

Wooden container for cooked rice

2013/12/27   -Goods

The container which become delicious when you save it. The Japanese rice cooker is splendid.It is mu …


2013/12/18   -Goods

You will be so smart,when you use the chopsticks !? Can you use chopsticks? 30% of world people eat …


2013/12/07   -Goods

Viva grater ! Do you do cooking to grated? We grate various ingredients at the Japanese food and coo …

Faceted glass

2013/11/27   -Goods

Japanese traditional crafts The glass is very beautiful.But the beauty changes by cutting.Japan had …

Earthenware pot

2013/11/22   -Goods

The pot which makes ingredients delicious It is an earthenware pot called olla.A merit of the earthe …


2013/11/08   -Goods

Superior Japanese water bottle Japanese used a gourd and the bamboo as a water bottle in old days.Ja …

Bento box Mage-wappa

2013/10/19   -Goods

Do you know Bento ? Bento is lunch box.Bento is Japanese.The custom of having a bento, or lunch box, …