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Rakkyo(pickled scallion)

2016/08/24 | Food ,

sake and snacks When the Japanese drink sake, they eat the snacks.The snack is said to be "sake no

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Umeshu(plum wine) cocktail recipe

2016/05/07 | Food ,

Love ume Do you know the plum tree?The fruit of the plum matures early in June.When you walk in fr

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When do you smash the yolk of the fried egg?

2016/02/04 | Comic ,

Manners We are free.However, it is superficial.We are restricted by various manners."You must not b

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Macaroni KINAKO(Soybean flour) recipe

2015/12/16 | Recipes ,

KINAKO KINAKO is Soybean flour.The Japanese eats KINAKO from old days.KINAKO is written by a book p

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Obon -Japanese summer vacation-

2015/08/14 | Food ,

About Obon The Obon is a festival of the dead, or Buddhist All Souls' Day.Most companies throughout

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Flypan of the angel

2015/08/05 | Comic ,

Food and nutrition education We cannot usually live if we do not eat food.It is important that we l

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2015/06/19 | Diet ,

Tenacious Japanese Japanese is tenacious.We are destined that we become tenacious.H

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Lemon squeezer

2015/06/18 | Goods ,

Lemon squeezer made in Japan The annual consumption of lemons world people is about

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2015/06/05 | Diet ,

The bad-smelling food is delicious. Japan has many immortal saying about the food."

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Zunda-an recipe

2015/06/03 | Recipes ,

Zunda recipe When I went to Tohoku for the first time, I was surprised at healthy s

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Edamame miso soup recipe

2015/05/27 | Recipes ,

Edamame miso soup recipe I went to Yamagata frequently once.Yamagata is a treasure

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Shirataki and salted cod roe recipe

2015/05/20 | Recipes ,

Shirataki and salted cod roe recipe Do you knoe Shirataki?Shirataki is noodles made

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2015/05/15 | Diet ,

Good memory Have you play in the mud?I play in the mud at the age of a child.A mud

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Somen chanpuru recipe

2015/05/13 | Recipes ,

Somen chanpuru recipe I want to go to Okinawa right away.The food of Okinawa is yum

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2015/05/06 | Diet ,

Iron content-rich food I have a slight anemia since I was young.When a seat rises a

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Motsunabe recipe

2015/04/30 | Recipes ,

Motsunabe recipe Motsu is internal organs of cattle or swine.Nabe is cocking in a p

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Lotus roots pickled in vinegar recipe

2015/04/24 | Recipes ,

lotus roots pickled in vinegar recipe Do you know the lotus root? And have you eate

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Ousama no Mimi wa Okono Mimi

2015/04/20 | Comic ,

Okonomiyaki I am from Osaka.My favorite food is udon, ramen, okonomiyaki.When I was

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Temari Sushi recipe

2015/04/16 | Recipes ,

Temari Sushi recipe Temari is a small traditional Japanese handball.It is sushi in

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Mr.Genmai’s bento

2015/03/30 | Comic ,

Junk food heaven Japan is a country of the gluttony.The convenience store is open i

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Onsen tofu

2015/03/27 | Diet ,

On a diet Are you on a diet?If you are on a diet by tofu, I recommend this tofu rec

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Shiraae recipe

2015/03/25 | Recipes ,

Shiraae recipe Shiraae is salad, and tofu and vegetables in a sesame sauce.It is lo

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Onigiri diet

2015/03/19 | Diet ,

What is Onigiri? Onigiri (rice ball) is a food, which flavored cooked rice, put fil

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Tanita product 2

2015/03/12 | Diet ,

Tanita food Nobody Can Stop Tanita.Speaking of a hamburger, it is McDonald's.Speaki

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2015/03/05 | Diet ,

Somen is cool lunch. Speaking of summer lunch, it is somen.I boil it and eat with

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