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Matcha Ramen

2017/01/30 | Food ,

Matcha Matcha The Japanese thinks that forthcoming tourists from the foreign countries love Matcha.

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Carbonara by instant noodles

2016/02/17 | Food ,

Dress up instant noodles Instant noodles remain at my hand.It is good to eat in normal, but I of Ja

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Italian instant noodles recipe

2016/02/16 | Food ,

Japanese people loves Italy. There are many Italian restaurants in Japan.Stimulate my appetite when

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Japanese food weekly vol72

2016/02/13 | News ,

Japan Fisherman's Festival The fish is very delicious.I love the fish.The consumption of the Japane

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Enjoy! Ramen shop

2015/11/17 | Food ,

Mr. Koike Do you know Mr. Koike?He is the symbol of Ramen in Japan.The Japanese lov

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ZOMRAMEN(Zombies Ramen)

2015/09/30 | Food ,

Horror movies I get goose bumps when I see a horror movie.In Japan, much horror mov

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Totsugeki Ramen

2015/07/22 | Comic ,

Origin of gourmet comics This comic is the origin of gourmet comics in Japan.Various gourmet comic

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Ramen IPPUDO at home

2015/07/16 | Food ,

FUKUOKA I lived in Fukuoka ten years ago.Fukuoka is very livable, and food is very delicious.Above

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Japanese food weekly vol56

2015/05/09 | News ,

RAMEN BURGER TOKYO New York-born RAMEN BURGER shop landed in Japan.It is RAMEN BURG

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Nissin Cup Noodle King Karaage

2015/04/07 | Food ,

Familiar food to Japanese people Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Curry rice, Ramen, Karaa

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Japanese food weekly vol51

2015/04/04 | News ,

God of Ramen death Do you know Tsukemen?Tsukemen is kinds of the ramen.It is Dippin

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Nisshin Tom Yum Cup Noodle

2015/03/10 | Food ,

Love for Nissin Cup Noodle Tom yum noodle is popular secretly now in Japan.Nisshin

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Japanese food weekly vol48

2015/03/07 | News ,

Shoku no Gunshi -Meal’s strategist- Popular comics "Shoku no Gunshi -Meal’s strateg

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Nissin Chilli Crab Seafood Cup noodle

2015/02/10 | Food ,

Nissin cup noodle I think that Nissin cup noodle is a Japanese national food.I eat

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Japanese food weekly vol44

2015/02/07 | News ,

Blue Bottle Coffee in Tokyo On February 6, 2015, Blue Bottle Coffee opened in Tok

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Kenca Ramen -Ramen Fight-

2015/02/02 | Comic ,

Ramen is Japanese food. "My dream is to have a Ramen shop in the future."Youths who

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Koizumi who loves Ramen

2014/12/15 | Comic ,

Ramen restaurant Ramen originated in China.Ramen was sold for the first time at Jap

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Japanese food weekly vol35

2014/12/06 | News ,

$41 Ramen High class Japanese food restaurant in Tokyo, Akasaka sells high-quality

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Japanese food weekly vol28

2014/10/18 | News ,

Matcho The muscle man is called "Macho" in Japan.The special product of Kyoto, Uji

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Japanese food weekly vol26

2014/10/04 | News

Kompeito Kompeito was originally introduced to Japan from Portugal in 1546.The colo

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Ramen doughnut

2014/09/17 | Food ,

Ramen evolution The ramen evolves every day.As for the old ramen, it was basic in n

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Japanese food restaurant info26

2014/08/27 | News ,

Ittetsu ramen It is a ramen restaurant of the first place in Himeji in a word of mo

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Ramen bowl

2014/08/15 | Goods

How to cook yummy ramen Because I watched this movie, I was interested in ramen.The

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Japanese food weekly vol18

2014/08/09 | News ,

Breakfast festival World Breakfast Festival 2014 is started on September 13-15, 201

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Nissin Iced Cup Noodle

2014/07/09 | Food ,

Vichyssoise Japan is summer now.It is hot.Speaking of summer, it is cold soup.Speak

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