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Sweet red-bean soup

2016/01/07 | Food ,

A Happy New Year This New Year holidays is warm in Japan.It is very comfortable.During New Year hol

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Sushi chazuke recipe

2015/06/18 | News ,

leftover sushi Did you enjoy the party yesterday?What did you eat at the party?Chic

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Edamame miso soup recipe

2015/05/27 | Recipes ,

Edamame miso soup recipe I went to Yamagata frequently once.Yamagata is a treasure

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Nikusui recipe

2015/03/31 | Recipes ,

Nikusui recipe Osaka is a sacred place of the laughter.And Osaka is a kitchen in Ja

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Japanese food weekly vol48

2015/03/07 | News ,

Shoku no Gunshi -Meal’s strategist- Popular comics "Shoku no Gunshi -Meal’s strateg

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Milk red bean soup

2015/03/04 | Food ,

Matsuko no Shiranai sekai I watched TV yesterday.My favorite program is televised o

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Soy milk miso soup recipe

2015/02/04 | Recipes ,

Soy milk miso soup recipe In recent years, cuisine incorporating soymilk called 'to

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2015/01/23 | Diet ,

About zousui Zosui is made by simmering cooked rice again with meat, fish and shell

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Natto soup recipe

2014/12/17 | Recipes ,

Natto soup recipe Have you ever eaten natto before?"Natto" smells awful but tastes

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Persimmon potage soup recipe

2014/11/04 | Recipes ,

Persimmon potage soup recipe Persimmons is a fruit representing Japan.Persimmons ar

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Corner store’s Oden diet

2014/09/26 | Diet ,

Convenience store The corner store is called a convenience store in Japan and is ca

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Dashi Master -Soup stock master-

2014/07/21 | Comic ,

Soup stock The basics of the Japanese food are soup stock.In the world of the Japan

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Dago-jiru recipe -Kumamoto soul food-

2014/07/16 | Recipes ,

Dago-jiru recipe -Kumamoto soul food- I lived in Japan's Kumamoto prefecture.Kumamo

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Nemacystus decipiens soup recipe

2014/05/21 | Recipes ,

Nemacystus decipiens soup recipe Nemacystus decipiens is called "Mozuku" and is wri

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Japanese clam soup recipe

2014/03/26 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Japanese clam soup recipe The clam is in season between February and April.When the

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Sake lees soup recipe

2014/01/22 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Soup recipes This is recipes of sake lees soup.Sakekasu (sake lees) is the solid whi

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Zoni soup Japanese food recipes

2013/12/10 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Soup recipes I cooked Zoni soup.Zoni soup is a Japanese soup called 'zouni' which is

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Pork and vegetable soup recipes -pork recipes-

2013/11/20 | Recipes , ,

Japanese food Pork and vegetable soup -pork recipes- This is pork recipes.I cooked Pork and vegeta

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Japanese pot-au-feu recipes

2013/11/13 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Japanese pot-au-feu I cooked Japanese pot-au-feu.Soup stock gives Japanese pot-au-fe

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Cold miso soup in soy milk recipe

2013/07/09 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Cold miso soup in soy milk recipe Because soybean milk is a base, it is very healthy

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Chicken tsumire and vegetable miso soup recipe

2013/05/15 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Chicken tsumire and vegetable miso soup recipe The miso soup is a basic miso recipe.

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Pork bone broth(Tonkotsu soup) recipe

2013/05/08 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Pork bone broth(Tonkotsu soup) recipe It is soup to be important to Japanese ramen. 

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Soup stock from dried baby sardines recipe

2013/03/12 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Soup stock from dried baby sardines recipe In Japanese food, soup stock is one of th

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Dried-bonito soup stock recipe

2013/03/08 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Dried-bonito soup stock recipe Dried-bonito soup stock is basics of the Japanese foo

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