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Soy milk with ginger ale

2015/03/17   -Food

Ginger ale I think ginger ale to be a mysterious drink.I do not know the drink which be famous for t …

Soysh Soymilk + Soda

2014/06/26   -Diet

Soymilk The soymilk is good for health.It is rich in a variety of nutrients.However, the taste is no …


2014/06/05   -Diet

Gain weight I has an unconquerable love for eat snacks.Potato chip, Popcorn, Corn snack, etc.I can&# …

Soy pulp

2014/05/08   -Diet

The Japanese food Tofu is made from soybeans.The soybean is squeezed, and soybean milk is made.Soymi …

Red bean

2014/03/13   -Diet

Sweet diet Red bean is eaten in Japan from ancient times.Red bean jam is a food eaten a lot by Japan …

Cola flavored soy milk

2014/03/11   -Food

Diet cola ??? Diet Coke,Diet PEPSI.Diet cola is put on sale one after another.It is very good for th …

Soy flour Japanese diet food

2013/12/12   -Diet

KINAKO DIET Soy flour is the food which nourishment has abundant.Soy flour is roasts a soybean and i …

Soy milk in Japan

2013/12/11   -Food

Delicious soy milk! The old days, the soy milk were bad.It become easy to swallow it up very delicio …

Soy sauce on ice cream

2013/11/14   -Food

Oh,soy sauce on ice cream Do you know soy sauce.Japanese soy-sauce has a long history.Soy-sauce is e …

Diet food Soy milk

2013/10/22   -Diet

The secret of beautiful skin A daughter of the tofu maker is beautiful. There is such a proverb.Ingr …

Diet food natto

2013/10/11   -Diet

The pros and cons Can you eat natto? Natto is traditional Japanese food.It is eaten for a long time …

Soy sauce soda

2013/09/05   -Food

About soy sauce The root of soy-sauce is regarded as Hishio (salted food).From the 1600’s, lot …

Cold miso soup in soy milk recipe

2013/07/09   -Recipes

Japanese food Cold miso soup in soy milk recipe Because soybean milk is a base, it is very healthy c …