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2015/06/26   -Food

Various types of tea As for the tea produced in Japan, almost all is green tea.The green tea becomes …

Japanese food weekly vol62

2015/06/20   -News

Gong cha Gong cha land in Tokyo.Gong cha is a store specializing in Taiwanese tea.Gong cha is born i …

Sakura tea

2015/03/26   -Food

Sakura In Japan, the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom soon.the cherry blossoms is called &#8220 …

Gobou -burdock-

2014/08/08   -Diet

Unhappy I did not know that there were few people who ate a Gobou(burdock) in the world.I eat a Gobo …

Fish mint tea

2014/07/11   -Diet

Poo street It had grown near the house where I lived in in old days.We called the street “Poo …

Tea ceremony set

2014/06/27   -Goods

I love Japanese food Is it art to serve tea?I thought that it was different.I enter the small room a …


2014/06/20   -Goods

The tea culture The tea culture worldwide in distribution and it is the culture of the upper class.M …

That is superb

2014/05/26   -Comic

Tea ceremony ‘Kekko na Otemae Desu’is a meaning called ‘That is superb’.It i …

Tea bowl-Matcha bowl

2014/04/11   -Goods

What do we use it for? The tea ceremony is an important thing within Japanese culture.In a tea cerem …

Japanese tea caddy

2014/03/13   -Goods

Chazutsu The air tightness of the caddy is important to store a tea leaf.It must be product so that …

Kellogg’s brown rice cereal matcha taste

2014/03/05   -Food

Love matcha It is a matcha boom recently in Japan.Matcha taste of candy and chocolate and the potato …

Japanese teacup

2014/02/22   -Goods

Japanese teacup and sake cup What is the difference between teacup and sake cup ?ummmmmmm ? I don&#8 …

Chabashira club

2013/12/30   -Comic

If you want to know the Japanese green tea ! If you read this manga, you will get to know more about …

Nestle crunch matcha taste

2013/11/11   -Food

Sweet Matcha Matcha is Japanese traditional green tea.This is tea of steamed buds of tea trees. It’s …

Diet food Green tea

2013/11/05   -Diet

Diet at Green tea Tea is becoming the boom.Starbucks open a store specializing in tea, and Nestle ha …