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Japanese food weekly vol67

2015/08/22 | News ,

RITUEL Par Christophe Vasseur RITUEL Par Christophe Vasseur land in Tokyo, Jiyugaok

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Japanese food weekly vol64

2015/07/11 | News ,

Wee Nam Kee Wee Nam Kee land in Tokyo, Tamachi.Wee Nam Kee is is a restaurant specializing in Singa

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Onsen tofu

2015/03/27 | Diet ,

On a diet Are you on a diet?If you are on a diet by tofu, I recommend this tofu rec

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Shiraae recipe

2015/03/25 | Recipes ,

Shiraae recipe Shiraae is salad, and tofu and vegetables in a sesame sauce.It is lo

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Egg drop with freeze dried tofu and green peas recipe

2015/01/28 | Recipes ,

Egg drop with freeze dried tofu and green peas recipe Freeze dried tofu is a food m

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Tofu skin

2014/11/27 | Diet ,

Tofu skin recipe I did not know this food until I became an adult.It is Tofu skin.T

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Tofu teriyaki with mayonnaise recipe

2014/09/04 | Recipes ,

Tofu teriyaki with mayonnaise recipe The teriyaki is one of the representative reci

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Thunder tofu recipe

2014/07/02 | Recipes ,

Thunder tofu recipe It is one of Japanese food in the Edo period.The Edo period is

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Soysh Soymilk + Soda

2014/06/26 | Diet ,

Soymilk The soymilk is good for health.It is rich in a variety of nutrients.However

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Tofu dumplings recipe

2014/05/14 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Tofu dumplings recipe A restaurant specializing in tofu called Ume no hana is in Jap

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Soy pulp

2014/05/08 | Diet ,

The Japanese food Tofu is made from soybeans.The soybean is squeezed, and soybean milk is made.Soym

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Mock broiled eel recipe

2014/03/12 | Food ,

Japanese food Fake broiled eel recipe This is one of a vegetarian dish.A vegetarian dish is called

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2014/03/07 | Diet ,

Refuse ??? Do you know Okara ? It is popular food in Japan.Okara is the refuse which cause when tof

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Tofu dengaku recipe

2014/02/11 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Tofu dengaku recipe I cooked tofu dengaku.The tofu dengaku is one of the traditional

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Freeze dried food

2013/12/18 | Diet

The ultimate diet food which a priest eats Speaking of Freeze dried food,there is much fruit.Strawb

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Deep fried tofu -Japanese food-recipes

2013/12/04 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Healthy dish recipes I cooked deep fried tofu.It is representative Japanese.It is a

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Diet food Tofu

2013/11/29 | Diet

Tofu is vegetable. Tofu is made from soybeans.Tofu is soy milk curdled by bittern.The recipe is tha

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Tofu and Beef recipe

2013/08/29 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Tofu and Beef recipe The combination of beef and tofu is the best.Umami of the beef

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Fried tofu(aburaage) recipe

2013/08/06 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Fried tofu(aburaage) recipe Please eat a fresh fried tofu with ginger soy sauce.It i

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Zaku tofu by GUNDAM

2013/07/25 | Food ,

The best popular manga GUNDAM is one of the anime which are popular in Japan. Television series sta

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Japanese mapo tofu recipe

2013/07/17 | Recipes ,

Japanse food Japanese mapo tofu recipe Mapo tofu is Chinese food.I cooked it in Japanese style.Bec

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