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Donbei Mentaiko Cream Udon

2016/09/13 | Food ,

Pink food Speaking of Pink food, I associate a peach and a strawberry.But I who am a Japanese assoc

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Japanese food weekly vol29

2014/10/25 | News ,

Udon museum Taste of the udon is different in various parts of Japan.The area that

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Japanese food weekly vol 8

2014/05/31 | News ,

Techno Udon The udon of the Japanese food cooperates with music of the origin in U.

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Japanese food restaurant info 9

2014/05/16 | News ,

Udon Hangesho Boiling time is strictly regulated to twelve minutes or more in Sanuki Udon, which cr

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Kitsune udon recipe

2013/08/13 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Kitsune udon recipe Kitsune Udon is topped with seasoned fried tofu.It is the udon w

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Udon recipe

2013/07/24 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Udon recipe Udon noodles count among traditional noodles eaten in Japan from ancient

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Melon bun Ⅱ

Malon bun is Japanese food Japanes

Matcha Ramen

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Wakame Max Yakisoba

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