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Crab butter

2017/05/18 | Food ,

Love the internal Japanese love the internal.The Osaka people eat the internal organs frequently i

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Hokusai to Meshi sae areba(If there are Hokusai and meal, it is all right.)

2016/10/03 | Comic ,

Outdoor type or Indoor type In Japan, a person liking playing outside is classified as "Outdoor typ

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Japanese milk risotto recipe

2016/04/06 | Food ,

Matsuko Matsuko is TV character who is popular in Japan.The TV program which she appears is very in

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2016/03/30 | Comic ,

Dagashi Dagashi is confectionery aimed at children that can be bought for a small amount of money,

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2016/03/08 | Food ,

The ethnic group which eats rice The Japanese live mainly on rice.In the morning, in the lunch, in

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ZOMRAMEN(Zombies Ramen)

2015/09/30 | Food ,

Horror movies I get goose bumps when I see a horror movie.In Japan, much horror mov

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Doyo No Ushi No Hi

2015/08/18 | Food ,

Eel, eel, eel For from July 19 to August 7, the Japanese is crazy about an eel.It i

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Tsuiki Copperware

2015/06/25 | Goods ,

Tsuiki Copperware I am a Japanese.I live in Japan ever since I was born.I thought t

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Gokudo no Shokutaku -Yakuza’s meal-

2015/06/22 | Comic ,

The yakuza Yakuza is scary.I lived in old days near the office of the greatest yaku

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Lemon squeezer

2015/06/18 | Goods ,

Lemon squeezer made in Japan The annual consumption of lemons world people is about

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Grilled eggplant recipe

2015/06/16 | Recipes ,

Grilled eggplant recipe Speaking of summer in Japan, it is Grilled eggplant.Grilled

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Touhan -Fight meal-

2015/06/15 | Comic ,

Rakugo Rakugo can be best described as Japanese sit-down comedy of comic story tell

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Japanese paella recipe

2015/06/11 | Recipes ,

Japanese paella recipe I have not eaten paella.The reason is because it is 10,000km

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Turquoise Dorayaki #40E0D0

2015/06/10 | Food ,

Doraeomon I wanted to meet Doraemon in a childhood.I wanted "Anki Pan" with a secre

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Gohan no otomo -Rice’s friends-

2015/05/25 | Comic ,

I love rice. I love rice.So, t is a lump of carbohydrates, tasteless.I do not unde

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Echizen ware

2015/05/22 | Goods ,

Echizen ware Rolex is a wonderful watch.I like the simple designs without waste.I r

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Tsugaru vidro

2015/05/14 | Goods ,

Tsugaru vidro I like Tsugaru Region in winter.Snow is driven by the wind, and I fee

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Japanese food weekly vol55

2015/05/02 | News ,

Melonpan Festival 2015 Melonpan Festibval is held in Tokyo, Akasaka on May 5, 2015.

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Ryukyu glass

2015/04/30 | Goods ,

Ryukyu glass Okinawa attracts attention politically now in Japan.It is a problem tr

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Japanese food weekly vol53

2015/04/18 | News ,

Monster pub Monster pub is called "Kaiju Sakaba" in Japan.Ultraman is a legendary p

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2015/04/15 | Goods ,

Maki-e Maki-e is a traditional Japanese technique of decorating lacquerware by spri

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2015/04/03 | Food ,

Traditional performing arts Do you know Kabuki?Kabuki is one of the traditional per

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Shochu diet

2015/04/02 | Diet ,

Cool Shochu Japanese white distilled liquor called 'Shochu'.Shochu is a Japanese di

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Sakura tea

2015/03/26 | Food ,

Sakura In Japan, the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom soon.the cherry blossoms

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Sushi delivery box

2015/03/20 | Goods ,

Hangiri for delivery When I was young, the sushi was a meal of the celebration.Ther

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Convenience stores lady

Convenience Stores in Japan There

Crab butter

Love the internal Japanese love t

Ms.Yakumo wants to feed it in him

The cooking is a weapon. My face i

Melon bun Ⅱ

Malon bun is Japanese food Japanes

Matcha Ramen

Matcha Matcha The Japanese thinks

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