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Chocolate sauce Yakisoba

2016/02/01 | Food ,

Feb 14 in Japan Whatever the origin is, Valentine's Day has had a long and romantic history.Therefo

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2016/01/30 | Food , ,

Kobe food In Japan, it is reported that Kobe beef is high in popularity now in the world.If reports

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Squid ink cup yakisoba U.F.O

2015/10/14 | Food ,

Summer food You must eat this if you spend summer in Japan.You went for sea bathing

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U.F.O Cup Yakisoba

2015/01/06 | Food

The Cup Yakisoba is Japanese food. Cup Yakisoba is a topic now in Japan.It is bad t

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Japanese food restaurant info22

2014/07/24 | News

Doro-yaki Nanpu Himeji station I like the okonomiyaki and the yakisoba and the tako

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Extra Hot Cup chow mein ‘NISSIN Jack’

2014/06/24 | Food ,

Hot food, hot coutry Bhutan, India, Mexico, Korea, South Africa, Ethiopia, etc.Ther

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Japanese food restaurant info16

2014/06/13 | News

Nagata Tank Suji If you come to Kobe, you should eat it by all means.It is Soba-mes

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Devil mayonnaise yakisoba

2014/01/14 | Food ,

Yakisoba is devil ??? Japanese likes yakisoba very much and likes mayonnaise, too.The Japanese mayo

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Cup Yakisoba

2013/12/31 | Food ,

If the Japanese do not eat yakisoba,they dies !? The Japanese likes noodles.Ramen,Yakisoba,Udon,Sob

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Yakisoba recipe

2013/09/04 | Recipes ,

Japanese food Yakisoba recipe I do not understand the history of Yakisoba very much.I think that C

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Crab butter

Love the internal Japanese love t

Ms.Yakumo wants to feed it in him

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Melon bun Ⅱ

Malon bun is Japanese food Japanes

Matcha Ramen

Matcha Matcha The Japanese thinks

Wakame Max Yakisoba

It is Chinese food. Yakisoba is Ch

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