Genius cooking boy Ajinosuke

2015/08/17 | Comic ,

Genius and insanity Genius is but one remove from insanity.We venerate genius.But i

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Obon -Japanese summer vacation-

2015/08/14 | Food ,

About Obon The Obon is a festival of the dead, or Buddhist All Souls' Day.Most companies throughout

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Flypan of the angel

2015/08/05 | Comic ,

Food and nutrition education We cannot usually live if we do not eat food.It is important that we l

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Japanese food weekly vol66

2015/08/01 | News ,

Shaun the Sheep cafe in Osaka, Minamisennba Anime is a culture that Japan boasts to the world.The J

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Carbonara recipes by Nissin Chikin Ramen

2015/07/28 | Food ,

Carbonara That pasta ranks No. 1 in Japan.It is Carbonara.Japanese woman especially likes carbonar

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Totsugeki Ramen

2015/07/22 | Comic ,

Origin of gourmet comics This comic is the origin of gourmet comics in Japan.Various gourmet comic

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Japanese food weekly vol65

2015/07/18 | News ,

Hoshizora cafe Hoshizora is a starry sky.I want to see the clean starlit sky.However, I cannot see

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Ramen IPPUDO at home

2015/07/16 | Food ,

FUKUOKA I lived in Fukuoka ten years ago.Fukuoka is very livable, and food is very delicious.Above

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Lost love chocolatier

2015/07/13 | Comic ,

Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is a Christian festival day, but is commercialized too much in Japa

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Japanese food weekly vol64

2015/07/11 | News ,

Wee Nam Kee Wee Nam Kee land in Tokyo, Tamachi.Wee Nam Kee is is a restaurant specializing in Singa

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Puchi Poli Natto

2015/07/07 | Food ,

Japanese national food Speaking of a Japanese national food, it is Natto.Natto is a

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Kitchen Princess

2015/06/29 | Comic ,

The room of the older sister I have an older sister.The room of the older sister wa

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Japanese food weekly vol63

2015/06/27 | News ,

LiccA CAFE LiccA CAFE opened in Tokyo, Ikebukuro on June 26.LiccA is new Licca-chan

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2015/06/26 | Food ,

Various types of tea As for the tea produced in Japan, almost all is green tea.The

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Tsuiki Copperware

2015/06/25 | Goods ,

Tsuiki Copperware I am a Japanese.I live in Japan ever since I was born.I thought t

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Kameda Crisps with sugar

2015/06/24 | Food ,

No 1 snacks in the world I can live as long as I have this.So, it is Kameda Crisps.

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Chicken Teriyaki with honey sauce recipe

2015/06/23 | Recipes ,

Chicken Teriyaki with honey sauce recipe This recipe is a style of cooking by broil

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Gokudo no Shokutaku -Yakuza’s meal-

2015/06/22 | Comic ,

The yakuza Yakuza is scary.I lived in old days near the office of the greatest yaku

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Japanese food weekly vol62

2015/06/20 | News ,

Gong cha Gong cha land in Tokyo.Gong cha is a store specializing in Taiwanese tea.G

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2015/06/19 | Diet ,

Tenacious Japanese Japanese is tenacious.We are destined that we become tenacious.H

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Lemon squeezer

2015/06/18 | Goods ,

Lemon squeezer made in Japan The annual consumption of lemons world people is about

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Sushi chazuke recipe

2015/06/18 | News ,

leftover sushi Did you enjoy the party yesterday?What did you eat at the party?Chic

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Grilled eggplant recipe

2015/06/16 | Recipes ,

Grilled eggplant recipe Speaking of summer in Japan, it is Grilled eggplant.Grilled

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Touhan -Fight meal-

2015/06/15 | Comic ,

Rakugo Rakugo can be best described as Japanese sit-down comedy of comic story tell

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Japanese food weekly vol61

2015/06/13 | News ,

Chocolate and banana The chocolate banana is the food which coated a banana with ch

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Crab butter

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Melon bun Ⅱ

Malon bun is Japanese food Japanes

Matcha Ramen

Matcha Matcha The Japanese thinks

Wakame Max Yakisoba

It is Chinese food. Yakisoba is Ch

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