Japanese shallot

2015/06/12 | Diet ,

Japanese food curry restaurant Have you been to the curry restaurant in Japan?So, i

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Japanese paella recipe

2015/06/11 | Recipes ,

Japanese paella recipe I have not eaten paella.The reason is because it is 10,000km

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Turquoise Dorayaki #40E0D0

2015/06/10 | Food ,

Doraeomon I wanted to meet Doraemon in a childhood.I wanted "Anki Pan" with a secre

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Japanese food weekly vol60

2015/06/06 | News ,

Hattendo cafe Have you eaten a cream bun of this shop?I ate a cream bun and was sho

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2015/06/05 | Diet ,

The bad-smelling food is delicious. Japan has many immortal saying about the food."

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Kyotetsubin(Kyoto ironware)

2015/06/04 | Goods

Kyotetsubin Tetsubin is An iron kettle.They boil hot water with an iron kettle when

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Zunda-an recipe

2015/06/03 | Recipes ,

Zunda recipe When I went to Tohoku for the first time, I was surprised at healthy s

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Bottle’s panties

2015/06/02 | Food ,

Men's long is forever. I am a man.I love women.My long for her panties is forever.P

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Mayonaka gohan -Midnight meal-

2015/06/01 | Comic ,

Drawing ability Are comics drawing ability?I read various comics.I think the comics

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Japanese food weekly vol59

2015/05/30 | News ,

Restaurants with streambeds Restaurants with streambeds(Kawadoko) are opening in Ky

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Funa sushi

2015/05/29 | Diet ,

Crucian carp Funa is crucian carp.I can play fishing it frequently in a neighboring

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2015/05/28 | Goods ,

Masu Masu is a measured quantity.Masu arrived in Japan via China.Sake and the rice

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Edamame miso soup recipe

2015/05/27 | Recipes ,

Edamame miso soup recipe I went to Yamagata frequently once.Yamagata is a treasure

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Mongolia Tan-men burger

2015/05/26 | Food ,

killer Khan In my childhood, a wrestler called killer Khan played an active part.He

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Gohan no otomo -Rice’s friends-

2015/05/25 | Comic ,

I love rice. I love rice.So, t is a lump of carbohydrates, tasteless.I do not unde

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Japanese food weekly vol58

2015/05/23 | News ,

Pizza summit Naples pizza summit is held in Tokyo, Shiodome, Italia street.I have n

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Echizen ware

2015/05/22 | Goods ,

Echizen ware Rolex is a wonderful watch.I like the simple designs without waste.I r

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2015/05/21 | Diet ,

Power rotation drink Summer in Japan is very humid.When it is hot, I like cold drin

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Shirataki and salted cod roe recipe

2015/05/20 | Recipes ,

Shirataki and salted cod roe recipe Do you knoe Shirataki?Shirataki is noodles made

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Kameda crisps and Cream cheese Pincho recipe

2015/05/19 | Food ,

My best favorite snack I love Kameda crisps.Plane, hot, cheese, a pickled plum, was

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Bakumeshi -Gamble dish-

2015/05/18 | Comic ,

Black Hawk Down I saw Black Hawk Down yesterday.It is one of my favorite movie.I se

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Japanese food weekly vol57

2015/05/16 | News ,

Watami Japanese Izakaya chain store closes a store in large quantities.Izakaya chai

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2015/05/15 | Diet ,

Good memory Have you play in the mud?I play in the mud at the age of a child.A mud

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Tsugaru vidro

2015/05/14 | Goods ,

Tsugaru vidro I like Tsugaru Region in winter.Snow is driven by the wind, and I fee

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Somen chanpuru recipe

2015/05/13 | Recipes ,

Somen chanpuru recipe I want to go to Okinawa right away.The food of Okinawa is yum

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Melon bun Ⅱ

Malon bun is Japanese food Japanes

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Matcha Matcha The Japanese thinks

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It is Chinese food. Yakisoba is Ch

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