HI-CHEW PREMIUM chardonnay

2015/05/12 | Food ,

HI-CHEW is authorization in Japanese food. HI-CHEW is Chewy Japanese Candy.I ate HI

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Meccha Can

2015/05/11 | Comic ,

Awakening I did not awake until I came across this comic.However, I read this comic

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Japanese food weekly vol56

2015/05/09 | News ,

RAMEN BURGER TOKYO New York-born RAMEN BURGER shop landed in Japan.It is RAMEN BURG

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Canned mackerel with wasabi vinegar soy sauce recipe

2015/05/08 | Recipes ,

Canned mackerel with wasabi vinegar soy sauce recipe "I was tired today.""I don't d

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2015/05/06 | Diet ,

Iron content-rich food I have a slight anemia since I was young.When a seat rises a

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Sakura salt for fried potato in McDonald’s

2015/05/05 | Food ,

Mac or Macdo The nickname of McDonald's are broadly divided into 2 types in Japan.I

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Asameshi mae

2015/05/04 | Comic ,

The best breakfast in Japan "Bills" that be the most delicious breakfast in the wor

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Japanese food weekly vol55

2015/05/02 | News ,

Melonpan Festival 2015 Melonpan Festibval is held in Tokyo, Akasaka on May 5, 2015.

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Ryukyu glass

2015/04/30 | Goods ,

Ryukyu glass Okinawa attracts attention politically now in Japan.It is a problem tr

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Motsunabe recipe

2015/04/30 | Recipes ,

Motsunabe recipe Motsu is internal organs of cattle or swine.Nabe is cocking in a p

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31 Baskin Robbins Oreo Matcha

2015/04/28 | Food ,

Haagen Dazs or 31 Baskin Robbins I eat Haagen Dazs frequently.The reason is because

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Nanki no Daidokoro -Food in Nanki-

2015/04/27 | Comic ,

Europe I have not been to Europe.Because I love soccer, I want to go round the stad

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Japanese food weekly vol54

2015/04/25 | News ,

Starbucks Coffee in Hirosaki Starbucks Coffee opens a store in cultural assets in f

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Lotus roots pickled in vinegar recipe

2015/04/24 | Recipes ,

lotus roots pickled in vinegar recipe Do you know the lotus root? And have you eate

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Cheese Okaki

2015/04/21 | Food

Okaki, Arare, Senbei Okaki, Arare, Senbei.I do not understand these three differenc

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Ousama no Mimi wa Okono Mimi

2015/04/20 | Comic ,

Okonomiyaki I am from Osaka.My favorite food is udon, ramen, okonomiyaki.When I was

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Japanese food weekly vol53

2015/04/18 | News ,

Monster pub Monster pub is called "Kaiju Sakaba" in Japan.Ultraman is a legendary p

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Temari Sushi recipe

2015/04/16 | Recipes ,

Temari Sushi recipe Temari is a small traditional Japanese handball.It is sushi in

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2015/04/15 | Goods ,

Maki-e Maki-e is a traditional Japanese technique of decorating lacquerware by spri

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Pizza flavor noodles

2015/04/14 | Food ,

The noodles are the human. It is a famous proverb in Japan."The noodles are the hum

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Oishii Ginza -Delicious Ginza-

2015/04/13 | Comic ,

The food section of the department store I hate air travel.Therefore I had few chan

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Japanese food weekly vol52

2015/04/11 | News ,

Sailor Moon cafe Sailor Moon cafe opens in Tokyo, Shinjuku.Sailor Moon remains a ma

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Karatsu ware

2015/04/10 | Goods

Karatsu ware Do you know Karatsu.Karastu is a city in the Japanese west.It is a ver

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Dumpling recipe

2015/04/08 | Recipes ,

Dumpling recipe Japanese people enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in the spring.Underne

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Nissin Cup Noodle King Karaage

2015/04/07 | Food ,

Familiar food to Japanese people Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Curry rice, Ramen, Karaa

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Melon bun Ⅱ

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Matcha Ramen

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Wakame Max Yakisoba

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