Ginger pork

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Ginger pork(1serving)

It may be cooked most in Japan.I think that there are not the people disliking this dish.It is one of the representative Japanese food.It is Ginger pork.Because we can easily cook it very cheaply, it is popular.
ginger pork (7)


  • 300g pork belly(chunks)
  • 15g garlic
  • 30g ginger
  • 2 tbsp(30ml) soy sauce
  • 1 1/2 tbsp(22.5ml) sake
  • 2 tbsp(30ml) mirin(sweet sake)
  • 1 1/2 tbsp(22.5ml) sesame oil
  • ginger pork (18)new0


    1. Grated garlic and ginger.
    2. ginger pork (20)new2

    3. Mix soy sauce,sake,mirin(sweet sake),sesame oil to make the sauce.Add the grated ginger and garlic.
    4. ginger pork (19)

    5. Cut the pork into bite-size.
    6. ginger pork (16)new3

    7. Place inside the sauce to marinate.Leave to marinate for 30 minutes after fully covering in the sauce.
    8. ginger pork (13)

    9. Heat the flying pan and turn the heat down to medium.Sear the pork.
    10. ginger pork (11)

    11. When both sides are browned, add the leftover matinatde and dress, Place in a serving dish.
    12. ginger pork (10)

    13. Add the tomato and baby leaf.
    14. ginger pork (5)

    You can cook even chicken other than the pork deliciously.