Braised pork belly

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Braised pork belly(1 serving)

This is Braised pork belly.In Japan, pork cut into cubes and boiled with seasoning, called ‘kakuni’.Kakuni is one kind of prepared foods using ribs of pork.Other than pork, chicken and beef,tuna are also options.
braised pork belly (1)


  • 200g pork belly
  • 1 piece ginger
  • Green part leek
  • 1 bok choy bunch
  • A 1 cup(200ml) sake
  • A 1/2 cup(100ml) water
  • A 2 tbsp(30ml) sugar
  • A 4 tbsp(60ml) soy sause
  • A 4 tbsp(60ml) mirin(sweet sake)
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  1. With the skin on, cut the ginger into 0.1 in slices.
  2. braised pork belly (21)

  3. Heat a flying pan to high and sear the pork on all the sides while moving it around.
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  5. Put the pork,green part leek,ginger in a pot and fill with water,Leave it over high till it starts boiling.Then,turn to medium and boil for an hour.
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  7. Remove the pork from the pot and rinse the fat off the pork with lukewarm water.Wrap the pork with paper towels and damp dry.
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  9. Cut the pork into 3 inch cubes.
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  11. Put A(sake,water,sugar,soy sauce mirin) into a pot.When it comes to a boil, add the pork.Once it starts to boil again,turn the heat to low and place a drop lid.
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  13. Occasionally flipping over the pork, simmer for an hour till most of the liquid has been cooked out.
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  15. Boil the bok choy and soak in cold water.Squeeze out excess moisture.
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  17. Serve with pork and bok choy.
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It takes time, but you can unexpectedly easily cook it.