Rice dish recipes -Japanese food-

Japanese paella

Rice dish recipes Japanese paella Paella is a traditional dish from Valencia.It is a too unfamiliar dish in Ja […]

Temari Sushi

Rice dish recipes Temari Sushi I like California rolls.The origin of the California rolles is Japanese food.I […]

Seasoned tuna bowl

Rice dish recipes Seasoned tuna bowl(2 serving) Seasoned tuna bowl is called “Maguro no Duke-don” […]

Rice cooked oyster and ginger

Rice dish recipes Rice cooked with oyster and ginger(2 serving) My friend cannot eat an oyster.Oysters donR […]

Rice cooked with mushrooms

Rice dish recipes Rice cooked with mushrooms(2 serving) The food in autumn is great.In Japan, there is the wor […]

Soboro don

Rice dish recipes Soboro din(2 serving) Do you know Soboro don?Soboro don is a popular menu of the Japanese be […]

Oyako don(chicken and egg on rice)

Rice dish recipes Oyako don(chicken and egg on rice) 1 serving Oyako don is a rice bowl dish that uses boiled […]

Sushi cake -Chirashizushi

Rice dish recipes Sushi cake -Chirashizushi(1 serving) I cooked Sushi cake -Chirashizushi.I eat it at the time […]

Orange rice ball

Rice ball recipe Orange rice ball(3 serving) Japanese loves rice balls.The rice ball is called Onigiri.They pu […]

Chicken cutlet on the rice

Rice recipes Chicken cutlet on rice Do you know cutlet on the rice ?This is Chicken cutlet on the rice.Chicken […]

Omurice(rice omelette)

Rice recipes Omurice(rice omelette)(1 serving) It is a dish of fried rice wrapped in a thin omelette, called & […]

Japanese curry rice

Rice recipes Japanese curry rice(2 servings) Curry and rice is a Japanese food which consists of rice and a cu […]

Sushi Rolls(Futomaki-zushi)

Rice recipes Sushi Rolls(Futomaki-zushi) Sushi rolls and Chirashi-zushi are often made at home in Japan.I cook […]

Nigirisushi(hand-pressed sushi)

Rice recipes Nigirisushi(hand-pressed sushi) How about trying some sushi at home ?I cooked Nigirisushi(hand-pr […]

Beef bowl (cook the Yoshinoya style)

Rice recipes Beef bowl (cook the Yoshinoya style) This is a dish made with stewed beef and rice, called ‘ […]

Sushi pockets (inari-sushi)

Rice recipes Sushi pockets(inari-sushi)(8 portions) I cooked Sushi pockets (inari-sushi).The inarizushi is pre […]