Soup recipes -Japanese food-

Edamame miso soup

Soup recipes Edamame miso soup(2 serving) If you get a chance to come to Japan, you should go to Yamagata.Yama […]


Soup recipes Nikusui(2 serving) Nikusui is soup using the beef.It is a specialty in Osaka, Japan.Osaka is call […]

Soy milk miso soup

Soup recipes Soy milk miso soup(2 serving) In Japan from old days, it is said that a daughter of a tofu maker […]

Natto soup

Soup recipes Natto soup(2 serving) Do you know Yamagata?Yamagata is Japanese food storehouse.Please go to Yama […]

Persimmon potage soup

Soup recipes Persimmon potage soup(2 serving) The persimmon is Autumn food in Japan.The persimmon is fruit, bu […]

Kenchin soup

Soup recipes Kenchin soup(2 serving) This soup is homey Japanese food.And it is one of the shojin ryori(vegeta […]

Dago-jiru -Kumamoto soul food-

Soup recipes Dago-jiru -Kumamoto soul food-(2 serving) It is local cooking of Kumamoto.Kumamoto has a lot of d […]

Nemacystus decipiens soup

Soup recipes Nemacystus decipiens soup(4 serving) Nemacystus decipiens is rich in nutrients.It is popular as a […]

Japanese clam soup

Soup recipes Japanese clam soup(1 serving) Japanese clam soup is often eaten in March 3rd. March 3rd is the Ja […]

Sake lees soup

Soup recipes – Japanese food- Soup recipes -sake lees soup-(2 serving) Sakekasu (sake lees) is the solid […]

Zoni soup Japanese food

Soup recipes -Japanese food- Zoni soup Japanese food(1 serving) A Japanese soup called ‘zouni’ whi […]

Pork and vegetable soup -pork recipes-

Soup recipes Pork and vegetable soup(2 servings) Pork and vegetable soup (Tonjiru) is a Japanese cuisine that […]

Japanese pot-au-feu

Soup recipes Japanese pot-au-feu(3 servings) The pot-au-feu is French food.It is the very delicious dish which […]

Chicken tsumire and vegetables miso soup

Soup recipes Chicken tsumire and vegetable miso soup(2 servings) I cook miso soup.The miso soup is soup on beh […]

Cold miso soup in soy milk

Soup recipes Cold miso soup in soy milk(2 serving) The cold miso soup is rare with the Japanese food.I have no […]