Vegetables recipes –Japanese food-

Grilled eggplant

Vegetable recipes Grilled eggplant If you ask me “What does go with sake?”, I answer in this way & […]

Lotus roots pickled in vinegar

Vegetable recipes lotus roots pickled in vinegar “Lotus roots pickled in vinegar” go with sweet wi […]

Eggplant in bonito broth

Vegetable recipes Eggplant in bonito broth What does the dish go with sake?It is Japanese food.Eggplant in bon […]

Yuzu daikon

Vegetable recipes Yuzu daikon Japanese likes Yuzu.Yuzu is Japanese citron.The Yuzu(Japanese citron) is a winte […]

Sweet potato which has been sweetened and boiled

Vegetable recipes Sweet potato which has been sweetened and boiled It is a cooking method in which food is swe […]

Kimpira gobo

Vegetable recipes Kimpira gobo It is Japanese basic Japanese food.It is Kimpira gobo.Kimpira is the name of th […]

Vinegary salad of cucumber and wakame

Vegetable recipes Vinegary salad of cucumber and wakame(1 serving) It is Sunomono (vinegar dishes) using seawe […]

Miso Bitter melon stir-fry

Vegetable recipes Miso Bitter melon stir-fry(1 serving) The popular vegetable in Okinawa is bitter melon(Goya) […]

Simmered Bamboo shoots

Vegetable recipes Simmered Bamboo shoots The season for bamboo shoots in Japan is from late march to mid-April […]

Japanese Potato salad

Vegetable recipes – Japanese food- Japanese potato salad(1 serving) It is a Japanese potato salad recipe […]

Persimmon and Japanese radish in sweet and sour sauce

Vegetable recipes Persimmon and Japanese radish in sweet and sour sauce -Japanese food-(1 serving) It is the J […]

Eggplant Dengaku

Vegetable recipes Eggplant Dengaku This is eggplant recipes.I cooked Eggplant Dengaku.Eggplant that is coated […]

Bitter melon chanpuru

Vegetable recipes Bitter melon chanpuru(2 serving) I cooked bitter melon chanpuru.Bitter melon chanpuru is Raf […]

Pickled Chinese cabbage(hakusai)

Vegetable recipes Pickled Chinese cabbage(hakusai) A pickle is preservation foods.The Japanese cooked a pickle […]

Nikujaga(beef and potatoes)

Vegetable recipes Nikujaga(beef and potatoes) Nikujaga is a Japanese dish.No. 1 of the dish that a Japanese ma […]

Okonomiyaki(Japanese traditional pizza)

Vegetable recipes Okonomiyaki(Japanese traditional pizza) (4 servings) Have you ever eaten Okonomiyaki(Japanes […]