Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Bakumeshi -Gamble dish-

2015/05/18   -Comic

Black Hawk Down I saw Black Hawk Down yesterday.It is one of my favorite movie.I see it many times.T …

Meccha Can

2015/05/11   -Comic

Awakening I did not awake until I came across this comic.However, I read this comic, and I have awok …

Asameshi mae

2015/05/04   -Comic

The best breakfast in Japan “Bills” that be the most delicious breakfast in the world is …

Nanki no Daidokoro -Food in Nanki-

2015/04/27   -Comic

Europe I have not been to Europe.Because I love soccer, I want to go round the stadiums.Particularly …

Ousama no Mimi wa Okono Mimi

2015/04/20   -Comic

Okonomiyaki I am from Osaka.My favorite food is udon, ramen, okonomiyaki.When I was young, I ate oko …

Oishii Ginza -Delicious Ginza-

2015/04/13   -Comic

The food section of the department store I hate air travel.Therefore I had few chance to travel abro …

Osumoji -Tsukasa no Ikkan-

2015/04/06   -Comic

Bad thought In Japan it is a male‐dominated society.It is generally believed that a sushi world is m …

Mr.Genmai’s bento

2015/03/30   -Comic

Junk food heaven Japan is a country of the gluttony.The convenience store is open in every place if …

Comics Award 2015

2015/03/28   -Comic

Comics Award 2015 Winners Announced in Japan. 1st Kakukaku Shikajika It is the story that a woman co …

Hocho-nin Ajihei

2015/03/23   -Comic

The first gourmet comics It seems to be gourmet comics published for the first time in Japan.It is c …

Iron Wok Jan

2015/03/16   -Comic

Iron Wok Jan I read this comic at the age of a undergraduate for the first time.I was shocked very m …

Little forest

2015/03/09   -Comic

The days of plenty in Japan We can buy anything if we go to the convenience store in Japan.In the lu …

Macanai-kun -Waiter man-

2015/03/02   -Comic

Life that surrounded by women Surrounded by women, I live.The men has such a dream everybody.However …

Super Kuishinbou

2015/02/23   -Comic

The power comic I like eating.In particular, I eat a lot from morning at the beginning of a week.Bre …

Halcyon lunch

2015/02/16   -Comic

Gourmet comics Heaven The history of Japanese gourmet comics is old.”Totsugeki Ramen” wh …

Hana to Okutan(Flower and Madam)

2015/02/09   -Comic

Donnie Darko Do you have seen the movie “Donnie Darko”?The movie was released in 2001.I …

Kenca Ramen -Ramen Fight-

2015/02/02   -Comic

Ramen is Japanese food. “My dream is to have a Ramen shop in the future.”Youths who have …

Dungeon cuisine -Dungeon meshi-

2015/01/26   -Comic

Nintendo Advanced Video System Nintendo Advanced Video System was sold in 1985.We can play in a hous …

Mr. Oto -Oto-yan-

2015/01/19   -Comic

I love sushi. I went to a moving sushi place yesterday.I enjoyed a moving sushi.I love a moving sush …

Chie the Brat – Jarinko Chie

2015/01/13   -Comic

Gourmet comic??? I am unable to make a decision.Do I put this comic in the team of gourmet comics?Th …

Yes-man meal -Iinari Gohan-

2015/01/05   -Comic

Japan restaurant guide book There are various restaurant guide books in Japan.BRUTUS, Pia, Michelin, …


2014/12/29   -Comic

Dear alone Do you eat a meal with somebody?The meal that we eat while talking with everyone in very …

Miss Mogusa

2014/12/22   -Comic

Maslow’s theory Maslow’s theory states that physiological needs is the most fundamental …

Koizumi who loves Ramen

2014/12/15   -Comic

Ramen restaurant Ramen originated in China.Ramen was sold for the first time at Japan in 1910.It is …

Ama-Ama to Inaduma

2014/12/08   -Comic

Cooking communication I am poor at communication.I can’t relate what I want to say.I get frust …