Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Kirara’s work -Tokyo style sushi chef-

2014/12/01   -Comic

Japanese food chefs The Japanese government has support the success of women in the workplace.Japan …


2014/11/24   -Comic

Abenomics effect Japan was deflation for a long time.I was able to eat the beef bowl which was a sym …

Chii’s Menu – Chii-chan no Oshinagaki-

2014/11/17   -Comic

Small restaurant I like small restaurants.I talk with a Madam over a counter, and she cook an origin …

Pungent housekeeper

2014/11/10   -Comic

My frustrations Recently, there are many gloomy news in Japan.Hanyu collides, and a woman entertaine …

Let’s go to eat yummy food to Nagoya.

2014/11/03   -Comic

Heaven of yummy food It is about 10 years ago that I went to Nagoya for the first time.I was shocked …

Silver spoon

2014/10/27   -Comic

Family ties Our child was born several years ago.I think that want to live long whenever I watch the …

Sobamon -Japanese noodles man-

2014/10/20   -Comic

Not Ramen, Yes, Soba Speaking of Japanese noodles, it is Ramen.However, the noodles handed down to J …

Shoku no Gunshi -Meal’s strategist-

2014/10/13   -Comic

what you eat. Meal is important.When our life assumes it 70 years old, we will have a meal of approx …

The girl’s meal

2014/10/06   -Comic

Incomprehensible The feeling of the woman cannot understand it.I will probably not be able to unders …

Yume-iro Patissier

2014/09/29   -Comic

Popular occupation In the old days, the occupation that a girl longed for was a cabin attendant.Now, …

Mrs.Oryo Girl’s meals in Edo period

2014/09/22   -Comic

Girly The words “girly” are popular now in Japan.The meaning of “girlie” wor …

Nobushi no Goumet (Wandering samurai life)

2014/09/16   -Comic

Wandering samurai I have not met Wandering samurai.Sure thing.The samurai does not live in Japan now …

Hana China

2014/09/08   -Comic

Love Chinese food Japanese love Chinese food.If you walk in Japan, you can find a Chinese restaurant …

Genmai professor’s bento

2014/09/01   -Comic

Japanese food problem Japanese food problem is often taken up in news.For example, it is the problem …

Mail order Prince Yoshimi Iida

2014/08/25   -Comic

Mail order In Japan, there were few people who did shopping by a mail order in old days.The product …

Happy Cooking Graffiti

2014/08/18   -Comic

4 panel When I was young, I imitated adult and had read a newspaper.It was 4 panel in the newspaper …

Food hunter Souraiden

2014/08/11   -Comic

Adventure and food I like adventure movies.Indiana Jones series, The Goonies, Lara Croft: Tomb Raide …

Kezuri Bushi -Rough Samurai-

2014/08/05   -Comic

Japanese food As I have said over and over again, Washoku, traditional Japanese food culture, was re …


2014/07/28   -Comic

The dog days of summer The famous ‘Doyo No Ushi No Hi’ (The dog days of summer), occurs …

Dashi Master -Soup stock master-

2014/07/21   -Comic

Soup stock The basics of the Japanese food are soup stock.In the world of the Japanese food, the mos …

Sweet relation

2014/07/15   -Comic

Chance The life is full accidentally.Anywhere including the necessity does not have it.Therefore I t …

Hot‐blooded cook ‘Shutomitoku’

2014/07/07   -Comic

Iron chef The Japanese TV programs in the 1990s was interesting.I watched those TV programs absorbed …

Hocho Mushuku -Wanderer chef-

2014/06/30   -Comic

The chivalrous spirit There is the organization called the yakuza in Japan.The yakuza is organized c …

OH ! MY KONBU(seaweed)

2014/06/23   -Comic

apanese snacks It is said that the kind of the Japanese snacks is rich.A colorful snacks is exhibite …

Splendid dining table

2014/06/16   -Comic

World’s first It is world’s first brilliant feat.Such manga may be less likely to be pub …