Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Doyo No Ushi No Hi

2015/08/18   -Food

Eel, eel, eel For from July 19 to August 7, the Japanese is crazy about an eel.It is an eel concerto …

Obon -Japanese summer vacation-

2015/08/14   -Food

About Obon The Obon is a festival of the dead, or Buddhist All Souls’ Day.Most companies throu …

Carbonara recipes by Nissin Chikin Ramen

2015/07/28   -Food

Carbonara That pasta ranks No. 1 in Japan.It is Carbonara.Japanese woman especially likes carbonara. …

Ramen IPPUDO at home

2015/07/16   -Food

FUKUOKA I lived in Fukuoka ten years ago.Fukuoka is very livable, and food is very delicious.Above a …

Puchi Poli Natto

2015/07/07   -Food

Japanese national food Speaking of a Japanese national food, it is Natto.Natto is a Japanese food pr …


2015/06/26   -Food

Various types of tea As for the tea produced in Japan, almost all is green tea.The green tea becomes …

Kameda Crisps with sugar

2015/06/24   -Food

No 1 snacks in the world I can live as long as I have this.So, it is Kameda Crisps.I love Kameda Cri …

Turquoise Dorayaki #40E0D0

2015/06/10   -Food

Doraeomon I wanted to meet Doraemon in a childhood.I wanted “Anki Pan” with a secret too …

Bottle’s panties

2015/06/02   -Food

Men’s long is forever. I am a man.I love women.My long for her panties is forever.Probably I t …

Mongolia Tan-men burger

2015/05/26   -Food

killer Khan In my childhood, a wrestler called killer Khan played an active part.He looked brutal wi …

Kameda crisps and Cream cheese Pincho recipe

2015/05/19   -Food

My best favorite snack I love Kameda crisps.Plane, hot, cheese, a pickled plum, wasabi.Even if I eat …

HI-CHEW PREMIUM chardonnay

2015/05/12   -Food

HI-CHEW is authorization in Japanese food. HI-CHEW is Chewy Japanese Candy.I ate HI-CHEW during the …

Sakura salt for fried potato in McDonald’s

2015/05/05   -Food

Mac or Macdo The nickname of McDonald’s are broadly divided into 2 types in Japan.In the East …

31 Baskin Robbins Oreo Matcha

2015/04/28   -Food

Haagen Dazs or 31 Baskin Robbins I eat Haagen Dazs frequently.The reason is because Haagen Dazs is s …

Cheese Okaki

2015/04/21   -Food

Okaki, Arare, Senbei Okaki, Arare, Senbei.I do not understand these three differences.They are rice …

Pizza flavor noodles

2015/04/14   -Food

The noodles are the human. It is a famous proverb in Japan.”The noodles are the human”.I …

Nissin Cup Noodle King Karaage

2015/04/07   -Food

Familiar food to Japanese people Sushi, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Curry rice, Ramen, Karaage.They are a ver …


2015/04/03   -Food

Traditional performing arts Do you know Kabuki?Kabuki is one of the traditional performing arts of J …

Sakura tea

2015/03/26   -Food

Sakura In Japan, the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom soon.the cherry blossoms is called &#8220 …

Natto curry

2015/03/24   -Food

Shameless jerk Curry is food symbolizing India.It had long been treated as Western food in Japan bec …

Soy milk with ginger ale

2015/03/17   -Food

Ginger ale I think ginger ale to be a mysterious drink.I do not know the drink which be famous for t …

Nisshin Tom Yum Cup Noodle

2015/03/10   -Food

Love for Nissin Cup Noodle Tom yum noodle is popular secretly now in Japan.Nisshin Tom Yum Noodle re …

Milk red bean soup

2015/03/04   -Food

Matsuko no Shiranai sekai I watched TV yesterday.My favorite program is televised on the night of Tu …

Matcha sweets 1

2015/02/24   -Food

Green Japan How long would the Japanese come to like Matcha so much?Matcha product is sold even if I …

Callamery Sakura chocolate Frappuccino

2015/02/17   -Food

Sakura the cherry tree is called “Sakura” in Japan.Sakura is a Japanese soul.Long winter …