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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Strawberry curry

2013/08/03   -Food

Strange Curry Strawberry and curry???I found Strawberry curry last time in a shop.It is retort curry …

Zaku tofu by GUNDAM

2013/07/25   -Food

The best popular manga GUNDAM is one of the anime which are popular in Japan. Television series star …

Haagen-Dazs green matcha truffle

2013/07/19   -Food
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Brilliant green Matcha is Japanese traditional green tea.New green tea leave are pounded into powder …

Kids beer -non alcoholic beer-

2013/07/10   -Food

Kid’s beer ??? I was very surprised at the beer which a child can drink.But it was not beer wi …

Hamberger ramen in Demi-glace sauce

2013/07/03   -Food

Ramen and Hamberger I was troubled with liking Japanese ramen.I think that nothing needs to make suc …

Wasabi-mayonnaise taste pringles

2013/06/15   -Food

Wasabi potatochips Pringles is potato chip sold in 140 world or more.Wasabi-mayonnaise teste is on s …

Ninja-food(Japanese confectionery)

2013/06/04   -Food

Japanese ninja This is Ninja-food.Ninja-food is Japanese confectionery.The Japanese name is Ninja-me …

Corn potage-flavored ice-cream

2013/05/29   -Food

What’s this? Because this ice-cream was popular in Japan, production couldn’t keep up wi …

Wao ! Ramen burger

2013/05/23   -Food

ramen= burger ??? Oh,Jesus!!!The Japanese has cooked such a dish at last.This is a dish which let na …