Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Oribe ware

2014/09/12   -Goods

Oribe ware I am the most favorite ware.Oribe Furuta of the founder seemed to be an odd person.He lik …

Rice cooker

2014/08/22   -Goods

Japanese rice cooker robot It is evident that one it per household is almost.It is Rice cooker.The c …

Ramen bowl

2014/08/15   -Goods

How to cook yummy ramen Because I watched this movie, I was interested in ramen.The movie name is &# …

kappogi -Cook’s apron-

2014/08/02   -Goods

Endangered species Kappogi is a kind of apron originated in Japan and mainly worn over wafuku (Japan …

Side dish case on bento

2014/07/25   -Goods

Independent side dish When I serve a lunch, it is hard to serve a juicy side dish.They(side dish) co …

Japan lacquer ware

2014/07/04   -Goods

Japanese traditional tableware It was a ware for visitors.When we have a visitor, my mother displaye …

Tea ceremony set

2014/06/27   -Goods

I love Japanese food Is it art to serve tea?I thought that it was different.I enter the small room a …


2014/06/20   -Goods

The tea culture The tea culture worldwide in distribution and it is the culture of the upper class.M …

The ice shaving machine

2014/06/13   -Goods

Traditional Japanese sweets Most Japanese common people were poor in old days.But they lived a good …

Taiyaki maker

2014/06/06   -Goods

Japanese cake Taiyaki is a Japanese sweet made by baking batter in sea bream shaped molds.It has bee …


2014/05/30   -Goods

Unidentified Mysterious object I am interested in UMA and UFO, OOPARTS.I am excited very much when I …


2014/05/23   -Goods

What it is it? Do you Know Luncharm?The majority of Japanese do not know that naming.However, anyone …

Japanese Snack bowl

2014/05/16   -Goods

Symbol of the abundance Did you ever see “Less Than Zero”?It is a movie released in 1987 …

-SOLD OUT-$10 Samurai vol1

2014/05/09   -Goods

$10 Samurai rule Sell goods related to Japanese foods. Sell all goods for $10. The price($10) includ …

Small Charcoal Grill

2014/05/09   -Goods

Convenient That was in Japanese home in old days.It is Small Charcoal Grill.Japanese name is Shichir …

Art of delicious plastic food

2014/05/02   -Goods

This is Art. The history of Art of delicious plastic food style is not long.It is a beginning that i …

Chopstick rest

2014/04/18   -Goods

Knife rest Chopstick rest is a small object placed on a table to prevent chopsticks from rolling dow …

Tea bowl-Matcha bowl

2014/04/11   -Goods

What do we use it for? The tea ceremony is an important thing within Japanese culture.In a tea cerem …

Takoyaki pan(Fried octopus dough balls pan)

2014/04/05   -Goods

Takoyaki I am from Osaka.Osaka is the home of the takoyaki.Snack was always takoyaki in a childhood. …

Japanese tea caddy

2014/03/13   -Goods

Chazutsu The air tightness of the caddy is important to store a tea leaf.It must be product so that …

Japanese brazier

2014/03/08   -Goods

Japanese food goods Cool Japanese brazier Japanese brazier are a kind of charcoal burning brazier us …

Japanese teacup

2014/02/22   -Goods

Japanese teacup and sake cup What is the difference between teacup and sake cup ?ummmmmmm ? I don&#8 …

Large sake cup

2014/02/15   -Goods

Manly symbol I do not like the expression called “be masculine” and “be feminine&# …

Tokkuri Japanese sake

2014/01/17   -Goods

A taste doubles if you drink liquor with Tokkuri Tokkuri is a Japanese decanter.When I pour it, Tokk …

Wooden container for cooked rice

2013/12/27   -Goods

The container which become delicious when you save it. The Japanese rice cooker is splendid.It is mu …