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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Kenchin soup recipe

2014/09/15   -Recipes

Kenchin soup recipe It is Japanese traditional soup.Cook the tofu and vegetables with sesame oil and …

Tanita Shokudo

2014/09/09   -Diet

Meter maker Tanita is a measurement equipment manufacturer known for its weight and body fat scales. …

Healthya coffee

2014/09/05   -Diet

Japanese love coffee The Japanese coffee is strange.We drink cold coffee frequently in summer.It is …

Tofu teriyaki with mayonnaise recipe

2014/09/04   -Recipes

Tofu teriyaki with mayonnaise recipe The teriyaki is one of the representative recipes of the Japane …

Genmai professor’s bento

2014/09/01   -Comic

Japanese food problem Japanese food problem is often taken up in news.For example, it is the problem …

Konjac jelly

2014/08/14   -Diet

Prohibition of Sale The konjac jelly that sale was prohibited in EU, Korea, the United States from 2 …

Gobou -burdock-

2014/08/08   -Diet

Unhappy I did not know that there were few people who ate a Gobou(burdock) in the world.I eat a Gobo …

Vinegary salad of cucumber and wakame recipes

2014/08/07   -Recipes

Vinegary salad of cucumber and wakame recipes Do you eat wakame(seaweed)?I dislike wakame(seaweed).I …

Japanese healthy beer

2014/07/31   -Diet

150 kilocalorie The calories and fat contents of beer is high.With a can of 350 ml, 150 kilocalorie …

Edamame Natto

2014/07/30   -Food

Marks & Spencer The British department store chain Marks & Spencer started selling edamame …

Japanese food weekly vol16

2014/07/26   -News

Insect eating According to the headquarters of the World Food Programme (WFP), many people were affe …

Black Vinegar

2014/07/24   -Diet

About black vinegar Black Vinegar was originated in Chinese, but later developed independently in Ja …

Fish mint tea

2014/07/11   -Diet

Poo street It had grown near the house where I lived in in old days.We called the street “Poo …


2014/07/03   -Diet

Food for the first time I think that the person who ate a sea cucumber for the first time is a great …

Thunder tofu recipe

2014/07/02   -Recipes

Thunder tofu recipe It is one of Japanese food in the Edo period.The Edo period is the 260-year span …

Black Oolong Tea

2014/06/12   -Diet

Are you careful of your health? Your life is only once.How do you want to spend your life ?I want to …

Azuki bean jelly(Yokan)

2014/05/22   -Diet

Chocolate ? Caramel ? I am denying myself sweets because of my diet.I am restraining myself from eat …

Tofu dumplings recipe

2014/05/14   -Recipes

Japanese food Tofu dumplings recipe A restaurant specializing in tofu called Ume no hana is in Japan …

Dried gourd strips

2014/03/22   -Diet

Dried gourd strips??? Dried gourd strips is a food that is produced through the process of tearing t …

Mock broiled eel recipe

2014/03/12   -Food

Japanese food Fake broiled eel recipe This is one of a vegetarian dish.A vegetarian dish is called & …

Tofu dengaku recipe

2014/02/11   -Recipes

Japanese food Tofu dengaku recipe I cooked tofu dengaku.The tofu dengaku is one of the traditional J …

Deep fried tofu -Japanese food-recipes

2013/12/04   -Recipes

Japanese food Healthy dish recipes I cooked deep fried tofu.It is representative Japanese.It is a di …

Fried tofu(aburaage) recipe

2013/08/06   -Recipes

Japanese food Fried tofu(aburaage) recipe Please eat a fresh fried tofu with ginger soy sauce.It is …

Japanese mapo tofu recipe

2013/07/17   -Recipes

Japanse food Japanese mapo tofu recipe Mapo tofu is Chinese food.I cooked it in Japanese style.Becau …

100 days diet with WASHOKU 6

2013/07/06   -Diet

Diet food When I diet, I want to eat sweets.This is good food in such a case.Agar jelly. Kanten&#822 …