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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Japanese food restaurant info26

2014/08/27   -News

Ittetsu ramen It is a ramen restaurant of the first place in Himeji in a word of mouth site of Japan …

Japanese food restaurant info21

2014/07/23   -News

Ekisoba Himeji ‘I eat this by all means if I come back to Himeji.’There are such many pe …

Nissin Iced Cup Noodle

2014/07/09   -Food

Vichyssoise Japan is summer now.It is hot.Speaking of summer, it is cold soup.Speaking of cold soup, …

Kitsune Udon Bread

2014/07/01   -Food

Carbohydrates Japanese likes carbohydrates.Rice is the staple food of the Japanese.Besides, they eat …

Avocado and Natto spaghetti recipe

2014/06/25   -Recipes

Avocado and the natto spaghetti recipe It is one of the noodle recipes using avocado and natto.Avoca …

Extra Hot Cup chow mein ‘NISSIN Jack’

2014/06/24   -Food

Hot food, hot coutry Bhutan, India, Mexico, Korea, South Africa, Ethiopia, etc.There is very hot foo …


2014/06/19   -Diet

Viva! Noodle I love noodle.Ramen, Pasta, Chow mein, Rice noodle, etc.ZuruZuruZuru,Slurping Noises.It …

Japanese food restaurant info13

2014/06/05   -News

Soba Douka Soba is made from buckwheat flour, binding agent and water.Therefore, the taste of the so …

Japanese food restaurant info 11

2014/06/02   -News

Ramen TARO Ramen TARO is one of the ramen which I like.Creamy soup is perfectly.Speaking of ramen of …

Ramen burger 2

2014/05/20   -Food

Legendary ramen restaurant In Japan, there are a lot of Ramen restaurant that crowded with fans.Ther …

Japanese food restaurant info 9

2014/05/16   -News

Udon Hangesho Boiling time is strictly regulated to twelve minutes or more in Sanuki Udon, which cre …

Japanese food restaurant info 8

2014/05/16   -News

Udon Banbatei The fusion of curry and noodles is a miracle.I think it to be the treasure of the Japa …

Cup noodles European Cheese Curry

2014/05/07   -Food

Curry is Japanese food. The Japanese eats curry, 78 times a year.Even if the curry is called Japanes …

Miso ramen recipe

2014/05/06   -Recipes

Japanese food Miso ramen There is taste of ramen peculiar to each area in Japan.In Kyushu, pork bone …

Gelidium jelly

2014/03/29   -Diet

Jelly noodle When I diet, I eat this well.I am satisfied that it is worth eating.It is Gelidium jell …

Japanese Popsicle Mr.Gari gali tomato sauce taste

2014/03/28   -Food

Japanese Popsicle There is a strange dish in Japan.Though it is unrelated to Naples, Italy, it is a …

Japanese style spaghetti recipe

2014/03/06   -Recipes

Japanese food Japanese style spaghetti recipe It is an addictive taste.It is Japanese style spaghett …

Soba noodle -Diet food-

2014/02/13   -Diet

Soba noodle diet Soba noodle is the food which is most suitable for diet.The soba noodle diet is maj …

Cup Yakisoba

2013/12/31   -Food

If the Japanese do not eat yakisoba,they dies !? The Japanese likes noodles.Ramen,Yakisoba,Udon,Soba …

Cup noodles rice

2013/12/24   -Food

Viva !!! Cup noodle. Nissin Cup noodles which was released approximately 40 years ago.It is sold in …

Ramen Saiyuki

2013/11/18   -Comic
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Viva! Ramen. Saiyuki is a newly coined word.I guess that Saiyuki is a meaning to be the trip that it …

Yakisoba recipe

2013/09/04   -Recipes

Japanese food Yakisoba recipe I do not understand the history of Yakisoba very much.I think that Chi …

Kitsune udon recipe

2013/08/13   -Recipes

Japanese food Kitsune udon recipe Kitsune Udon is topped with seasoned fried tofu.It is the udon whi …

Udon soup stock Kansai style recipe

2013/07/30   -Recipes

Japanese food Udon soup stock Kansai style recipe Soup stock is important to the udon.Taste of the s …

Udon recipe

2013/07/24   -Recipes

Japanese food Udon recipe Udon noodles count among traditional noodles eaten in Japan from ancient t …