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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Happy Turn ice cream

2014/10/08   -Food

Okashi I love Japanese sweets. More attractive sweets than those of other countries’. Abundant …

Yume-iro Patissier

2014/09/29   -Comic

Popular occupation In the old days, the occupation that a girl longed for was a cabin attendant.Now, …

Not Chocolate, Yes Yokan

2014/09/24   -Food

Wagashi I thought that Yokan is food for grandma and grandpa when I am young.However, it was very de …

Japanese trend French toast recipe by Putchin Pudding

2014/09/19   -News

My morning In the morning, I want to wake with a fragrance of the coffee and a sweet fragrance.Howev …

Japanese food weekly vol23

2014/09/13   -News

No 1 cheesecake The cheesecake which is the most expensive in Japan and it is the most delicious che …

Tanita Shokudo

2014/09/09   -Diet

Meter maker Tanita is a measurement equipment manufacturer known for its weight and body fat scales. …

Japanese food weekly vol22

2014/09/06   -News

Red snow crab The first auction of the red snow crab was carried out in Hyogo, Kasumi Port.The extra …

Doraemo bun

2014/08/20   -Food

Doraemon I was jealous to Doraemon.Exactly, I was jealous to Nobita.Everything comes true for Doraem …

Japanese food weekly vol19

2014/08/16   -News

Kit Kat official book The Kit Kat official book was sold in the beginning of July.The history of Kit …

Coffee jelly

2014/08/12   -Food

Coffee junkie The Japanese consume 4000 tons a year of coffee.It is the fourth largest consumption c …

Fruits Daifuku

2014/08/06   -Food

Multilamina of taste I think that the taste of the dish is decided in multilamina.’multilamina …

Japanese food weekly vol17

2014/08/04   -News

Shaved ice with whisky Shaved ice is a sweet often eaten in Japan in summer.This time, shaved ice fo …


2014/07/18   -Diet

Slime Do you know Dragon Quest?Dragon Quest is game software.The pretty character called the ‘ …

Japanese food weekly vol11

2014/06/21   -News

Customer satisfaction The customer satisfaction ranking of the Japanese convenience store was announ …

Kit Kat Pizza

2014/06/17   -Food

World cup The 2014 FIFA World Cup finally opened on June 12 in Brazil.FIFA World Cup is a festival o …

Japanese food weekly vol10

2014/06/14   -News

$3500 Watermelon The watermelon is a Japanese summer tradition.In the year’s first auction, hi …

The ice shaving machine

2014/06/13   -Goods

Traditional Japanese sweets Most Japanese common people were poor in old days.But they lived a good …

Taiyaki maker

2014/06/06   -Goods

Japanese cake Taiyaki is a Japanese sweet made by baking batter in sea bream shaped molds.It has bee …

Taiyaki in croissant doughnut

2014/06/03   -Food

Origin of Taiyaki Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake. The origin of the taiyaki is mysterious.Th …

French cruller at Mos Burger

2014/05/28   -Food

French cruller has become crazy. They was born in the U,S and grow up in Japan.They are Mister Donut …

Azuki bean jelly(Yokan)

2014/05/22   -Diet

Chocolate ? Caramel ? I am denying myself sweets because of my diet.I am restraining myself from eat …

Japanese food weekly vol 5

2014/05/10   -News

Sake go with Italian food Japanese sake go with Japanese food.This is obvious.Does Japanese sake go …

Kit Kat roasted green tea flavor

2014/04/29   -Food

Roasted green tea Hojicha (Roasted green tea) is a type of Japanese green tea, generally referring t …

Rare sugar

2014/04/17   -Diet

Fight with the sweetness of sugar Somebody said that the enemy of the diet was sweetness of the suga …

Red bean

2014/03/13   -Diet

Sweet diet Red bean is eaten in Japan from ancient times.Red bean jam is a food eaten a lot by Japan …