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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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2014/03/07   -Diet

Refuse ??? Do you know Okara ? It is popular food in Japan.Okara is the refuse which cause when tofu …

Ann doughnuts

2013/12/09   -Comic

The next is WAGASHI. If you want to know the Japanese patissier,this manga are the best.You can know …

That man,having a sweet tooth

2013/11/12   -Comic

The Cool man This manga is that a keen lawyer liking chocolate is a chief character.Lawyer Jean Loui …

Nestle crunch matcha taste

2013/11/11   -Food

Sweet Matcha Matcha is Japanese traditional green tea.This is tea of steamed buds of tea trees. It’s …

Stew flavored ice-cream

2013/10/30   -Food

Stew = Ice cream I introduced Corn potage-flavored ice-cream in May. The second was released.It is t …

Cookie in sweet adzuki beans soup

2013/10/23   -Food

A compromise between Japanese and foreign Once you pop, you can’t stop.It is Cookie in sweet a …

KISS steamed bun

2013/10/15   -Food

I love “KISS”. Circle K Thanks of the Japanese convenience store chain sells the steamed …

Kit Kat -wasabi-

2013/09/29   -Food

Kit Kat is “Surely I win”. There are many kinds of Kit Kat in Japan and be strange taste …

Japanese candy-Enjoy sushi shop-

2013/08/14   -Food

Sushi = Candy A candy to cook is sold in Japan.It is “enjoy sushi shop”.This is candy in …

Small flan

2013/08/10   -Food

Small is beauty. The Japanese feels the beauty to a small thing.The representative is a bonsai.Bonsa …

Haagen-Dazs green matcha truffle

2013/07/19   -Food
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Brilliant green Matcha is Japanese traditional green tea.New green tea leave are pounded into powder …

Corn potage-flavored ice-cream

2013/05/29   -Food

What’s this? Because this ice-cream was popular in Japan, production couldn’t keep up wi …