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Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Avocado and Natto spaghetti recipe

2014/06/25   -Recipes

Avocado and the natto spaghetti recipe It is one of the noodle recipes using avocado and natto.Avoca …

Miso Bitter melon stir-fry recipe

2014/06/04   -Recipes

Miso Bitter melon stir-fry recipe Bitter melon is called ‘GOYA’ in Japanese.Goya, or bit …

Japanese pickled vegetables

2014/05/29   -Diet

Traditional Japanese food It is food culture eaten from ancient times in Japan.It is It is Japanese …

Haagen Dazs Spoon Vege

2014/05/13   -Food

Vegetable Ice cream It is important to take in vegetables.The child does not readily eat vegetables …

Japanese food restaurant info 7

2014/04/17   -News

Japanese Pizza Tenteko I am concerned about Japanese Pizza becoming high cuisine.Japanese Pizza is o …

Simmered Bamboo shoots recipe

2014/04/15   -Recipes

Japanese food Simmered Bamboo shoots recipe Bamboo shoots are in season in early spring.The bamboo s …

Bamboo shoots boiled in water recipe

2014/04/10   -Recipes

Japanese food Bamboo shoots boiled in water recipe The cooking of the bamboo shoots is trouble.But w …

Bitter and sweet

2014/03/31   -Comic

A vegetarian is unmissable This story is love and gourmets.It is a dish for vegetarians to come up i …

Potato salad recipe

2014/01/08   -Recipes

Japanese food Vegetable recipes It is a Japanese potato salad recipe.There is a potato salad in the …

Edamame nutrition

2013/12/20   -Diet

Delicious EDAMAME ! Do you know Edamame? Edamame is soybeans.It is eaten in Japan from the about 8 c …

Persimmon recipes

2013/12/19   -Recipes

Persimmon recipes Do you know Persimmon ? It is Japanese original fruit.I cooked the representative …

Soy flour Japanese diet food

2013/12/12   -Diet

KINAKO DIET Soy flour is the food which nourishment has abundant.Soy flour is roasts a soybean and i …

Soy milk in Japan

2013/12/11   -Food

Delicious soy milk! The old days, the soy milk were bad.It become easy to swallow it up very delicio …

Zoni soup Japanese food recipes

2013/12/10   -Recipes

Japanese food Soup recipes I cooked Zoni soup.Zoni soup is a Japanese soup called ‘zouni&#8217 …

Best juicer

2013/12/03   -Food

Is it a toy or cooking tool ? I found such a toy in Japan.I can drink fresh grapefruit juice with th …

Japanese pot-au-feu recipes

2013/11/13   -Recipes

Japanese food Japanese pot-au-feu I cooked Japanese pot-au-feu.Soup stock gives Japanese pot-au-feu …

Spaghetti Neapolitan recipe

2013/10/24   -Recipes

Japanese food Noodle recipes Spaghetti Neapolitan is Japan’s original pasta.That is popular in …

Persimmon and apple dressed in miso and mayonnaise recipe

2013/10/18   -Recipes

Japanese food Persimmon and apple dressed in miso and mayonnaise recipe We have ate a persimmon for …

Eggplant Dengaku recipe

2013/10/10   -Recipes

Japanese food Eggplant Dengaku recipe This Eggplant does not contains an egg.But I cooked it very de …

Bitter melon chanpuru recipe

2013/09/11   -Recipes

Japanese food Bitter melon chanpuru recipe The bitter melon is bitter.This is obvious.The person who …

Pickled Chinese cabbage(hakusai) recipe

2013/05/21   -Recipes

Japanese food Pickled Chinese cabbage(hakusai) recipe Pickled cabbage is recipe.I cooked it with a C …

Chicken tsumire and vegetable miso soup recipe

2013/05/15   -Recipes

Japanese food Chicken tsumire and vegetable miso soup recipe The miso soup is a basic miso recipe.A …

Nikujaga(beef and potatoes) recipe

2013/04/03   -Recipes
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Japanese food Nikujaga(beef and potatoes) recipe This is a dish of boiled potatoes and meat.The name …

Okonomi yaki(Japanese traditional pizza) recipe

2013/04/02   -Recipes

Japanese food Okonomi yaki(Japanese traditional pizza) recipe Okonomi yaki is Japanese traditional p …