Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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Portable chopsticks

2015/02/27   -Goods

portable chopsticks In Japan, it is populär recently to put a stupid act photo using the equipment o …

Super Kuishinbou

2015/02/23   -Comic

The power comic I like eating.In particular, I eat a lot from morning at the beginning of a week.Bre …

Binchotan charcoal

2015/02/20   -Goods

Binchotan charcoal I am thickheaded to difference in taste.I feel that it is delicious if I eat any …

Hasami ware

2015/02/13   -Goods

Hasami ware Hasami ware’s characteristic is white and dark-blue.In Japan, it was used in a gen …


2015/02/05   -Diet

About Chazuke Do you know Chazuke.Chazuke is a food dish comprised of boiled rice and tea.It is a si …

Banco ware

2015/01/30   -Goods

Banco ware What color do you like?I like chic colors such as black and the brown.Banco ware is chic. …


2015/01/29   -Diet

Necessary ingredients for Japanese food Yaki-fu is Japanese dry baked wheat gluten.In the 13 centry, …

Wasabi toothpaste

2015/01/16   -Food

Wasabi Wasabi is a seasonings.It is very hard.Not “hot”, it is “hard” daring …

Osaka Tin device

2015/01/15   -Goods

Osaka Tin device I was brought up in Osaka.However, I did not know that such a splendid thing was ma …

Satsuma ware

2015/01/09   -Goods

Satsuma ware Satsuma province was Taikoku (major province) located in the area corresponding to the …

Yes-man meal -Iinari Gohan-

2015/01/05   -Comic

Japan restaurant guide book There are various restaurant guide books in Japan.BRUTUS, Pia, Michelin, …

Rice with raw egg

2014/12/31   -Food

The greatest feast Rice with raw egg is a rice food prepared by mixing a raw hen’s egg and ric …

Yuzu daikon recipe

2014/12/30   -Recipes

Yuzu daikon recipe Yuzu is Japanese citron.Yuzu daikon is pickled vegetables.Have you been to the Ja …

Koishiware ware

2014/12/19   -Goods

Koishiware ware It is the perfection of use beauty.Koishiwara ware is very practical and sturdy.The …

Bizen ware

2014/12/12   -Goods

Bizen ware Is brown tacky?I didn’t like brown.I were not able to like that dark color.As I get …

Chii’s Menu – Chii-chan no Oshinagaki-

2014/11/17   -Comic

Small restaurant I like small restaurants.I talk with a Madam over a counter, and she cook an origin …

Kutani ware

2014/11/05   -Goods

Kutani ware I have a quiet impression to Japan.It is a quiet color if I compare it with a color.Howe …

Japanese food weekly vol30

2014/11/01   -News

USB lunch box It gradually becomes popular now in Japan.It is USB lunch Box.The conventional lunch b …

Sobamon -Japanese noodles man-

2014/10/20   -Comic

Not Ramen, Yes, Soba Speaking of Japanese noodles, it is Ramen.However, the noodles handed down to J …

Slime curry

2014/10/16   -Food

Japanese food? Indian food? Is the curry Japanese food?No. Curry is an Indian food.Japanese eat curr …

Japanese food weekly vol24

2014/09/20   -News

Matsutake In Japan, Matsutake are now in the height of the season.It is a kind of mushroom called &# …

Japanese beer 『和膳』 -The beer go with Japanese food-

2014/06/10   -Food

Intangible Cultural Heritage Japanese food is recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritag …

Japanese Snack bowl

2014/05/16   -Goods

Symbol of the abundance Did you ever see “Less Than Zero”?It is a movie released in 1987 …

Small Charcoal Grill

2014/05/09   -Goods

Convenient That was in Japanese home in old days.It is Small Charcoal Grill.Japanese name is Shichir …

Cook of the ambassador’s residence

2014/03/24   -Comic

The embassy is mysterious. I do not know what ambassadors are always doing.However, a crime sometime …