Japanese food style

Introduce Japanese food and food recipes. Sushi, Ramen, Tempura, Karaage. You can easily cook them at your home.

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2014/11/24   -Comic

Abenomics effect Japan was deflation for a long time.I was able to eat the beef bowl which was a sym …

Chii’s Menu – Chii-chan no Oshinagaki-

2014/11/17   -Comic

Small restaurant I like small restaurants.I talk with a Madam over a counter, and she cook an origin …

Pungent housekeeper

2014/11/10   -Comic

My frustrations Recently, there are many gloomy news in Japan.Hanyu collides, and a woman entertaine …

Mrs.Oryo Girl’s meals in Edo period

2014/09/22   -Comic

Girly The words “girly” are popular now in Japan.The meaning of “girlie” wor …

Hana China

2014/09/08   -Comic

Love Chinese food Japanese love Chinese food.If you walk in Japan, you can find a Chinese restaurant …

Sweet relation

2014/07/15   -Comic

Chance The life is full accidentally.Anywhere including the necessity does not have it.Therefore I t …

Bento of the Takasugis

2014/05/05   -Comic

High cost performance Japan has a long history of bento, and its development has been unparalleled i …

Mrs. Chin’s Cook

2014/04/28   -Comic

Favorite China Conflicts are often caused by a lack of understanding of each other’s position. …

Cook for Marie Antoinette

2014/04/22   -Comic

Sweet devil The woman that I ever have dated with has a common point.It is that they are selfish.I f …

Sometime Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2014/03/03   -Comic

Longing I knew Tiffany when I was a university student.My girl friend at that time required a ring o …

2014 Manga Award in Japan

2014/01/20   -Comic

This article has nothing to do with the Japanese food, but post it about manga event in Japan.The no …

Chabashira club

2013/12/30   -Comic

If you want to know the Japanese green tea ! If you read this manga, you will get to know more about …

Ann doughnuts

2013/12/09   -Comic

The next is WAGASHI. If you want to know the Japanese patissier,this manga are the best.You can know …

Manga Ajiichimonme

2013/11/25   -Comic

Japanese gourmet manga I think the origin of this title to be Hana Ichi Monme.Hana Ichi Monme is a t …

Trattoria after school

2013/07/01   -Comic

Nostalgic “Trattoria after school (Houkago no Trattoria) is the Japanese comics that fantasy a …