Soup stock from dried baby sardines

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Soup stock from dried baby sardines(400ml)

The soup stock is basics of the Japanese food.It is often said those who are unskilled at making soup stock are unable to make good Japanese dishes.I am not a cook, but introduce a recipe of delicious soup stock.
dried (4-1)


  • 20g(20~30) dried baby sardines
  • 400ml water

dried (12)new1


  1. Remove the bitter head and stomach and spine of the dried sardines.①⇒②⇒③⇒④
  2. dried (14)new0

  3. Do to 20~30 dried sardines the same way you did for step1.
  4. dried (12)

  5. Add only the dried sardines in a pot.Turn on the heat to low,and roast it until a fragrance appears.
  6. dried (10)

  7. Put the measured water in a pot,and turn on the heat to medium high,and after it starts to boil,turn the heat to low.
  8. dried (8)

  9. Carefully remove the scum and decost for 10 minutes.
  10. dried (7)

  11. Filter it through the strainer which laid a paper towel.(Do not squeeze it)
  12. dried (2)

  13. Put it in a preservation container and can save it for 3-4 days.
  14. dried (3)

It is step 1 that soup stock fromo dried baby sardines is important.

This soup stock is perfect for stewed vegetables with a distinct flavor.