Oroshi soba noodle

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Oroshi soba noodle(2 serving)

Soba is a type of thin Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour.The cold soba is most suitable for summer.I introduce one of the Japanese food recipes using the soba this time.It is Oroshi soba.The dish is preferably served during summer.It is very delicious.
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  • 150 g dried soba
  • 1/4 Japanese radish
  • 1/8 leeks
  • 150 ml dried-bonito soup stock
  • 50 ml soy sauce
  • 2 tbsp(30 ml) mirin(sweet sake)
  • 1 tbsp(15 ml) sake

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  1. Mix the dried-bonito soup stock, soy sauce, mirin, sake, bring to boil to make a noodle dipping sauce, then cool.
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  3. Place the grated Japanese radish in a strainer to drain the moisture.
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  5. Slice the leeks.
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  7. Bring a pot full of water to a boil, then quickly slip in the soba noodle, while stirring robustly with large chopsticks.
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  9. When it starts to boil over, add water.When it boils again, take one noodle and bite it to check the doneness.
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  11. Drain the boiling water, rinse by hand in running water and place on a strainer to drain the water.
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  13. Place soba noodle in a dish, then top with grated Japanese radish, sliced leeks, and finally pour in the noodle dipping sause.
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The hotness of the Japanese radish is very delicious.