Sushi Rolls(Futomaki-zushi)

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Sushi Rolls(Futomaki-zushi)

Sushi rolls and Chirashi-zushi are often made at home in Japan.I cooked Sushi Rolls(Futomaki-zushi).It is the sushi roll which is basic this time in Japan.It is said that it becomes the disease prevention when I eat the rolled sushi on February 3.


  • 300g(1serving) vinegard rice(see “How to make vinegared rice” page.)⇒click here
  • 1 raw sashimi salmon
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 stick cheese
  • 1/2 sheets roasted nori seaweed
  • mayonnaise, as needed
  • Plastic wrap
  • Maki-su(bamboo mat)

makimaki (28)new1


  1. Cut ①salmon,②avocado,③cheese,④roasted nori seaweed like a photograph.
  2. image2993

  3. Put the makisu(bamboo mat) and put the plastic wrap and put 1/2 shetts of nori seaweed lengthwise on it.(The shiny side of the nori seaweed should face downward.
  4. maki13new3

  5. Put the vinegared rice on the nori seaweed,spread the rice to the edges with your hands.While doing this, dip your fingers in the vinegared water,Spread out the rice on the nori without smashing the rice.
  6. makimaki (65)new0

  7. Put mayonnaise from the center of the rice towards,put the salmon,avocad,cheese,in that order.
  8. makimaki (43)new1

  9. Lift up the front of the maki-su(bamboo mat)and let it touch the other side of the mat.
  10. makimaki (52)

  11. Gently push the roll into shape.Using hand,lightly push the roll into shape.
  12. makimaki (51)

  13. Roll the maki-su(bamboo mat) and the plastic wrap a little to tighten the roll.
  14. makimaki (50)

  15. Remove the maki-su(bamboo mat),and remove the plastic wrap.
  16. makimaki (35)new2

  17. Cut the roll into bite-size lengths.Wiping the blade oc the Knife with a wet cloth after each cut will keep the rice from sticking to the knife.
  18. maki4new3

Prepare for some water with a little vinegar, and it is important that you use it frequently.