Rakkyo(pickled scallion)

2016/08/24 | Food ,

sake and snacks When the Japanese drink sake, they eat the snacks.The snack is said to be "sake no

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Gohoubi gohan(treat myself meal)

2016/08/14 | Comic ,

go to city Where were you born?I was born in Osaka.Osaka is the second largest city of Japan.Osaka

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Nomijoshi(drinker woman)

2016/07/28 | News ,

Alcohol I have low alcohol tolerance.Can you drink alcohol?Beer, wine, whiskey, bourbon, cocktail,

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Nametake rice

2016/07/16 | Food ,

Mushroom grower!? Have you be a mushroom grower?I have not be a mushroom grower.I did not have the

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Jittan no recipes(time shortening recipes)

2016/06/22 | Comic ,

Are you busy? I like a moderate busyness.But I always have free time.Modern people are too busy.Hav

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Bokyaku no Sachiko(Sachiko sinking into self-oblivion.)

2016/05/24 | Comic ,

Eat, eat, eat I cannot drink very much alcohol.I do not smoke.Eating is a stress reliever to me.Eat

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Calpico and Beer cocktail

2016/05/12 | News ,

Calpico Calpico is not cow piss.It is Japanese soul drink.In Japan, it's customary to give gifts pe

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Sachi no Otera Gohan(Sachi’s Temple meal)

2016/05/09 | Comic ,

Shojin ryori Shojin ryori were indispensible food for monks, and taking meals was emphasized as par

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Umeshu(plum wine) cocktail recipe

2016/05/07 | Food ,

Love ume Do you know the plum tree?The fruit of the plum matures early in June.When you walk in fr

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Donburi Iincho(Japanese bowl chairman)

2016/04/19 | Comic ,

Popular Japanese food This Japanese food has been loved for many years by the common people.It is D

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Japanese milk risotto recipe

2016/04/06 | Food ,

Matsuko Matsuko is TV character who is popular in Japan.The TV program which she appears is very in

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2016/03/30 | Comic ,

Dagashi Dagashi is confectionery aimed at children that can be bought for a small amount of money,

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Carbonara toast recipe

2016/03/28 | Food ,

Carbonara human Japanese loves Carbonara.They is Carbonara human.Recipe site "cookpad" of the bigge

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Salted Squid Guts

2016/03/24 | Food ,

Rice's friend second The Japanese as a whole are a rice-eating nation.Japanese food is the rice.The

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2016/03/08 | Food ,

The ethnic group which eats rice The Japanese live mainly on rice.In the morning, in the lunch, in

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Carbonara by instant noodles

2016/02/17 | Food ,

Dress up instant noodles Instant noodles remain at my hand.It is good to eat in normal, but I of Ja

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Italian instant noodles recipe

2016/02/16 | Food ,

Japanese people loves Italy. There are many Italian restaurants in Japan.Stimulate my appetite when

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Japanese food weekly vol72

2016/02/13 | News ,

Japan Fisherman's Festival The fish is very delicious.I love the fish.The consumption of the Japane

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Japanese food weekly vol71

2016/02/06 | News ,

Starbucks Sakura series I often waste time in coffee shops.The cafe which I go frequently serves a

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When do you smash the yolk of the fried egg?

2016/02/04 | Comic ,

Manners We are free.However, it is superficial.We are restricted by various manners."You must not b

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Chocolate sauce Yakisoba

2016/02/01 | Food ,

Feb 14 in Japan Whatever the origin is, Valentine's Day has had a long and romantic history.Therefo

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2016/01/30 | Food , ,

Kobe food In Japan, it is reported that Kobe beef is high in popularity now in the world.If reports

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Sake lees drink

2016/01/19 | Food ,

Sake lees The sake lees(sakekasu) is the solid white substance that remains after pressing the main

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Sweet red-bean soup

2016/01/07 | Food ,

A Happy New Year This New Year holidays is warm in Japan.It is very comfortable.During New Year hol

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Macaroni KINAKO(Soybean flour) recipe

2015/12/16 | Recipes ,

KINAKO KINAKO is Soybean flour.The Japanese eats KINAKO from old days.KINAKO is written by a book p

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Rakkyo(pickled scallion)

sake and snacks When the Japanese

Gohoubi gohan(treat myself meal) picture2
Gohoubi gohan(treat myself meal)

go to city Where were you born?I w

Nomijoshi(drinker woman) picture2
Nomijoshi(drinker woman)

Alcohol I have low alcohol toleran

nametakerice (2)
Nametake rice

Mushroom grower!? Have you be a mu

Jittan no recipese 2
Jittan no recipes(time shortening recipes)

Are you busy? I like a moderate bu

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