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2016/10/22   -Comic

Bar, Pub, Club Would you like to drink tonight?Where do you drink?Bar? Pub,?Club?I’m not a str …

Umeshu(plum wine) cocktail recipe

2016/05/07   -Food

Love ume Do you know the plum tree?The fruit of the plum matures early in June.When you walk in fron …

Sake lees drink

2016/01/19   -Food

Sake lees The sake lees(sakekasu) is the solid white substance that remains after pressing the main …

Japanese food weekly vol59

2015/05/30   -News

Restaurants with streambeds Restaurants with streambeds(Kawadoko) are opening in Kyoto.Noryo-yuka (N …


2015/05/28   -Goods

Masu Masu is a measured quantity.Masu arrived in Japan via China.Sake and the rice are still used as …

Kameda crisps and Cream cheese Pincho recipe

2015/05/19   -Food

My best favorite snack I love Kameda crisps.Plane, hot, cheese, a pickled plum, wasabi.Even if I eat …

Tsugaru vidro

2015/05/14   -Goods

Tsugaru vidro I like Tsugaru Region in winter.Snow is driven by the wind, and I feel that all comes …

Japanese food weekly vol53

2015/04/18   -News

Monster pub Monster pub is called “Kaiju Sakaba” in Japan.Ultraman is a legendary progra …

Japanese food weekly vol49

2015/03/14   -News

Umeboshi stand The Umeboshi shop will open in Tokyo, Omotesando Hills.We stand and can eat an Umwbos …

Eggplant in bonito broth recipe

2015/02/25   -Recipes

Eggplant in bonito broth recipe Does Japanese food goes very well with wine?Yes, however, Japanese f …

Japanese food weekly vol45

2015/02/14   -News

Bonsai cafe “Bonsai cafe” which featured the theme of a bonsai in a Tokyu Hands Shibuya …


2015/01/08   -Diet

Very very yummy Amasake is like Red bull.It is the energy drink of the Japanese food.It is a sweet a …


2014/12/29   -Comic

Dear alone Do you eat a meal with somebody?The meal that we eat while talking with everyone in very …

Japanese sake

2014/12/18   -Diet

Japanese food and Japanese sake in winter It’s winter in Japan right now.It is very very cold. …

Japanese food restaurant info28

2014/11/06   -News

Iccyora You can eat cooking that uses fresh caught conger-eel here.Another characteristic is that a …

Sake steamed Clams recipe

2014/10/15   -Recipes

Sake steamed Clams recipe I like to listen to Enka while drinking Japanese sake.Sake is yummy.And it …

Japanese food weekly vol25

2014/09/27   -News

Drift ice curry It is the curry which expressed white drift ice floating and blue of the Sea of Okho …

Japanese food restaurant info25

2014/07/31   -News

Cocoromi It is said that people drinking Japanese sake decreased.More young people have been appreci …

Japanese food weekly vol15

2014/07/19   -News

Harry Potter Harry Potter Area opened in USJ of Japan, Osaka.They built a splendid system.Even if it …

Japanese food weekly vol 5

2014/05/10   -News

Sake go with Italian food Japanese sake go with Japanese food.This is obvious.Does Japanese sake go …

Narrow road to Japanese sake

2014/03/10   -Comic

Japanese food comics Not Narrow road to the interior Narrow road to the interior is an account of a …

Large sake cup

2014/02/15   -Goods

Manly symbol I do not like the expression called “be masculine” and “be feminine&# …

Sake lees

2014/01/24   -Diet

The sake lees is good for beauty !? Sakekasu (sake lees) is the solid white substance that remains a …

Sake lees soup recipe

2014/01/22   -Recipes

Japanese food Soup recipes This is recipes of sake lees soup.Sakekasu (sake lees) is the solid white …

Tokkuri Japanese sake

2014/01/17   -Goods

A taste doubles if you drink liquor with Tokkuri Tokkuri is a Japanese decanter.When I pour it, Tokk …