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Crab butter

2017/05/18   -Food

Love the internal Japanese love the internal.The Osaka people eat the internal organs frequently in …

Asameshi mae

2015/05/04   -Comic

The best breakfast in Japan “Bills” that be the most delicious breakfast in the world is …

Japanese food weekly vol55

2015/05/02   -News

Melonpan Festival 2015 Melonpan Festibval is held in Tokyo, Akasaka on May 5, 2015.There are Melonpa …

Japanese food weekly vol54

2015/04/25   -News

Starbucks Coffee in Hirosaki Starbucks Coffee opens a store in cultural assets in front of Hirosaki …

Japanese food weekly vol41

2015/01/17   -News

Credit bread It starts a plan to support a university student troubled with credit lack.It is Credit …

Roast chicken bun for Christmas in Japan

2014/12/24   -Food

Lazy Japanese I think that a Japanese is lazy.In particular, they are lazy about eating.Natto, the p …

Melon bun

2014/12/09   -Food

Melon, melon, melon When Japanese apologize, they presents a melon.When Japanese visit somebody in t …

Japanese trend French toast recipe by Putchin Pudding

2014/09/19   -News

My morning In the morning, I want to wake with a fragrance of the coffee and a sweet fragrance.Howev …

Japanese food weekly vol14

2014/07/12   -News

Michelin Guide to Fukuoka,Saga On Jul. 10, the 2014 edition of the Michelin Guide to Fukuoka, Saga w …

Kitsune Udon Bread

2014/07/01   -Food

Carbohydrates Japanese likes carbohydrates.Rice is the staple food of the Japanese.Besides, they eat …

Curry buns

2014/02/18   -Food
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The bread situation in Japan Japanese likes bread.The main diet in Japan is rice, but Japanese eats …

Freshly-baked bread -yakitate Ja-bun-

2014/02/17   -Comic

Japanese bread The main diet in Japan is rice.After World War II, bread was offered in a school meal …

Antique Bakery-manga-

2014/01/27   -Comic

Homosexuality is called “Boys Love” in Japan. Antique bakery is manga popular with women …